Wednesday, March 09, 2005

OK...... I just got through watching Raintree County and all I have to say is "what the hell?....." All in all, it was an enjoyable film and I love Liz Taylor for being so bold as to take on the part of a potentially colored woman who is not only, but who is also crazy ( I tell you the way that the color issue is so neatly resolved in this film doesnt sit well with me at all). It truly shows her spirit and shows her to be a woman made of moxy. I wonder who she was connected with in Hollywood back then to make such a film--and as I know this is not the only politically conscious film that she made at that time I do wonder as well how the studios allowed her, recruited, or permitted her to make such films given the nature of the Hollywood Studios at the time. I think she must have had some power back then, which I am sure of (but to get to choose a film, and like this one?). The million-dollar breaker definitely has left her mark on Hollywood. Cheers, Liz!