Friday, May 13, 2011

Ever Wondered About Who Had Open Marriages?

Check out the gallery of famous open marriages linked above. Ruby Deee and Ossie Davis....I am about to faint...

On Homosexuality in Conservative Areas

Ever since college, I have taken note of how gay men conduct themselves with regards to their sexuality and the public images of themselves. What I have observed has not been pretty. Most gay men in Alabama and in Indiana, the two places that I have observed, only expose their true selves online on such sites as or Adam4Adam. In public, their project the straightest images possible, ranging from posting pictures of themselves with women on facebook profiles to claiming to like women in every public place where asked. It baffles, befuddles, and bemuses me to observe and to see such things. I have never been one to let social orders and dogmas dictate anything I do and it truly baffles me as to why other people bow to such things. I am more likely to tell someone to go to hell. There needs to be a broad and very publicly engaged conversation about homosexuality and how homosexuality is acted out in conservative areas. I have never seen two men kiss in public in either Alabama or Indiana. Nor have I seen two women. It is time we trouble the dogmas that exist in these places and start to change the ways in which allow ourselves to exist.