Friday, October 31, 2008

You'd Better Love Me

Lena Horne

You'd better love me while you may
Tomorrow I may fly away
I want your gentle touch
Your continental touch
Your elemental touch
You want me too
Oh, I know that you do
You'd better love me while I'm here
I have been known to disappear
So, don't let this miracle melt away
The clock ticks fast above me
If you think fondly of me
You'd better love me while you may

(Musical Break)

I want your gentle touch
Your continental touch
Your elemental touch
You want me too
Oh, I know that you do
You'd better love me while I'm here
I have been known to disappear
So, don't let this miracle melt away
The clock ticks fast above me
If you think fondly of me
You'd better love me while you may

Oh No!

Studs Terkel died today at 96. He was a brilliant man.

Bolivia: From Portside

Bolivia: Unprecedented Alliance Defeats Right-Wing Assault

By Federico Fuentes

The B u l l e t
Socialist Project - E-Bulletin No. 150, October 30, 2008

LA PAZ: After three months of intense class struggle, there
can be no doubt that the U.S.-backed right-wing opposition to
the government of President Evo Morales has suffered three
important defeats. The right's offensive to topple Morales,
which climaxed with the September 11-12 "civic coup" attempt,
has been decisively rolled back by the combined action of the
government and social movements.

The government secured a historic vote in its favour with
more than 67% endorsing Morales' mandate in a referendum in
August that also revoked the mandate of two opposition
prefects. Another opposition prefect was arrested for his
role in the coup. And now Morales has secured a referendum
for the new draft Constitution to "refound Bolivia" on the
basis of justice for the indigenous majority.

More importantly, a strengthened Morales government now
counts on an unprecedented alliance of indigenous, peasants'
and workers' organizations determined to defend their
government and the Morales-led "democratic and cultural

Third wave of struggle

With the turn of the century, Bolivia's social movements --
united behind Bolivia's powerful indigenous peasant movement
-- began to rise up in opposition to neoliberalism and
indigenous oppression, overthrowing two presidents and paving
the way for the victory of the Morales-led Movement Towards
Socialism (MAS) in early general elections in 2005.

On assuming the presidency, Morales moved to nationalize
Bolivia's gas reserves and convoke a constituent assembly to
draft a new Constitution -- the two central demands of the
mass movement.

A concerted campaign led by reactionary forces grouped around
the prefects of the "half moon" -- the eastern departments of
Pando, Beni, Santa Cruz and Tarija -- to wear down government
support in order to pave the way for Morales' downfall,
succeeded in stopping the advance of this process for most of

Mistakes by the government and a relative demobilization of
the movements also contributed.

With their ability to mobilize an important social base
against the government in the east around defense of
"regional autonomy" and to stall the constituent assembly
around the demand for a two-thirds majority vote on the new
Constitution, these forces spread their support outside of
the half moon to the central departments of Cochabamba, where
violent clashes occurred in January 2007, and then

Racist attacks against indigenous people and the assembly
delegates in Chiquisaca's capital Sucre forced the assembly
to reconvene, first in a military barrack and afterwards in a
different state -- without the opposition -- to approve the
final text.

Bolivia appeared to be approaching the abyss, as regional and
ethnic tensions deeply divided the country.

Victory at the ballot box

Believing that the time was right to move to get rid of
Morales, the right-wing Podemos party (which controls the
Senate) approved a law for recall referendums on Morales and
the prefects.

This was also partly an attempt by Podemos to seize the
initiative within the opposition from the half moon
opposition prefects.

The opposition prefects, now grouped together in the National
Democratic Coalition (CONALDE), initially opposed the
referendums. However, following a series of meetings with
U.S. ambassador Phillip Goldberg, they agreed to accept the

A June by-election resulted in an anti-MAS prefect replacing
the MAS predecessor in Chuquisaca, further lifting the
right's hopes.

But the results of the August 10 vote demonstrated a totally
different reality. Morales' mandate was endorsed with an
historic 67.4% of the vote.

Morales also won in Pando, tied in Tarija and got over 40% in
Beni and Santa Cruz, with the opposition's support base
isolated to the main cities, encircled by MAS-aligned rural

In the majority of rural electorates Morales scored over 90%,
while in poor urban areas like El Alto in the west and Plan
3000 in Santa Cruz his support was above 80%.

Opposition prefects were also recalled in Cochabamba and La

Together with social programs that had begun to change the
lives of millions, the deep connection felt with a president
"just like us" that exists among the indigenous and poor
urban sectors helps explain this result.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Biblical Story(That Pisses My Grandmother to High Holy Hell)

Jesus was the son of a teenage unwed mother. She and her husband Joseph proceeded to have other children. Among their children were two daughters, both named Josephine: the Empress Josephine and Josephine Baker. France had two Josephines, the Empress Josephine and Josephine Baker, both of them fabulous women of color. Both are Goddesses.

Barack Obama's Television Special

Barack Obama's television special last night was equivalent to Barbra Streisand's television was definitely a winner.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Palin Accusations

Sarah Palin has lost her mind.

Interview With Rosa Clemente, Vice Presidential Candidate for the Green Party

In this history-making election season, there is definitely a lot to serve as inspiration. Not only the prospect of change after eight years of George W. Bush in the White House, but it is also quite exciting and encouraging that in 2008, forty years after the death of Martin Luther King, Jr, we have two women of color vying for the presidency on a major party ticket-a ticket that just eight years ago played a vital role in the outcome of the U.S. presidential election. Never before in history have there been a Black man and a Black woman as serious contenders for the presidency of the United States. Never before have two women of color occupied a major party ticket as presidential and vice presidential candidates. Former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and her running mate, Hip-Hop activist, Rosa Clemente are pioneers in their presidential bid. Ms. McKinney, having served twelve years as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from the state of Georgia, has one of the most progressive records in Congress. An opponent to the war in Iraq from the start, she was also one of the few members of Congress to call for an investigation of the tragic events of September 11, 2001. She was also one of the first members of Congress to call for the impeachment of George W. Bush.

Ms. McKinney's running mate, Rosa Clemente,is a community organizer and Hip-Hop activist. She is also one of the cofounders of the National Hip-Hop Political Convention. Inaugurated in 2004, the National Hip-Hop Political Convention has helped to bring the Hip-Hop generation into political movement, building progressive grassroots coalitions among American youth around issues of social justice. In the spirit of solidarity, and in an effort to understand the issues behind this historic run, I sought an interview with the Green Party Vice Presidential candidate. After securing a phone interview with Ms. Clemente, this is what transpired.

1. It is quite an exciting time—we have two African-Americans running for the office of the president at the same time-a Black man and a Black woman. We have three women running on important party tickets. What were your reasons for accepting the Green Party nomination for vice president?

I have been a member of the Green Party since 2000. I voted for Ralph Nader and David Cobb in their bids for the presidency. I have also been an organizer for fifteen years. In 2004, I was one of the founders of the National Hip-Hop political Convention, the aims of which was to bring about grassroots organizing around public policy issues and holding elected officials responsible to the people. I have been one of the few women who have been able to bring the Green Party platform into grassroots movement. I was very honored when I was asked to be Cynthia McKinney’s running mate.

2. Considering the historic precedents established in this election season- two serious female candidates for the highest elected office in the land as well as two people of African descent, and two female vice presidential candidates- what would you say is the debt that you, Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, and Barack Obama owe to the legacy of Shirley Chisolm and her 1972 bid for the presidency?

She’s the only reason any of us are running for the presidency. I am from Shirley Chisholm’s district in New York and I know her legacy. It is shameful that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have not done more to pay homage to that legacy. If it weren’t for her, none of us would be here. Cynthia McKinney mirrors Shirley Chisolm. Mrs. Chisholm was hated during her time. At first she was hated and now she is seen as a historic figure. Cynthia McKinney and I have always invoked the name of Shirley Chisholm in our campaign. We owe a lot not only to her legacy, but also to the movements of the 1960s and 70s— the Black and Brown Power movements, the anti-war movement, and the women’s movement.

3. What are some of the most pressing issues that you will champion in your campaign?

We are calling for an end to the war. Pulling occupying troops out of other countries is a major priority. We are also calling for a guaranteed living wage, free higher education, an end to the death penalty, and an establishment of a Department of Peace. We want to put an end to NAFTA, CAFTA, and the Bush taxcuts. In terms of immigration, we are calling for nothing short of amnesty for all immigrants. Human Rights are a very big part of our agenda. We believe that people have, as basic human rights, a right to affordable housing, food, healthcare, and work. We spend $10 billion a month in Iraq. That money could fund healthcare for all Americans, free education, and building the public infrastructure. The environment is also one of our major priorities. We are definitely interested in building around the movements championed by people like Marjorie Harris Carr and Van Jones.

4. What are your thoughts on the 700 billion dollar bailout that has been passed by congress and signed into law?

Congress just basically spent $750 billion—soon it will be $2 trillion to bail out Wall Street and none of it will go to average Americans in terms of cash or something that will help them stay in their homes or put food on the table. It has nothing to do with bailing out people.

5. In light of the arrests of hundreds of journalists at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul and other recent incidents, how far do you think the United States has moved in the direction of becoming a police state?

Yes, we have become a police state. I was there when Amy Goodman got arrested. I was involved in a separate incident in which officers used tear gas and chemical agents against us. For people of color, of course, we have always lived in a police state. Children of color learn by the time they are five years old to fear the police. So, we people of color have historically lived in a police state in this country. The police in this country are becoming more militarized though. In Minneapolis we had not just the police, but the Secret Service, the National Guard and the CIA. This country is becoming more militarized as well. It was reported in the Army Times that the army has deployed internal troops within U.S. borders to prepare for possible domestic disturbances before or after the election. With the government spending $50 and $80 million dollars on security at the Democratic and Republican conventions, it is clear that we live in a police state.

6. In terms of domestic policy and civil liberties, would you agree that the Patriot Act is virtually a legalization of COINTELPRO?

Absolutely. I worked with the ACLU and got a chance to review a lot of material concerning the Patriot Act and COINTELPRO. In the sense that we now have open spying and infiltration of organizations, it is definitely a legalization of COINTELPRO and very much a change from the 1970s. In the 70s, we fought back. Now, it is accepted. Another major difference between now and the 1960s and 70s is that they haven’t used such tactics as assassinations as they did against the Black Panther Party and other progressive groups.

7. As vice president, what policies would you help implement towards the island of Puerto Rico?

As Vice President, I would absolutely champion Puerto Rico’s right to self determination. I believe in independence for the island. Under the U.N. Charter, colonization is illegal and Puerto Rico remains a colony of the U.S. There has been massive FBI infiltration of the independence movement in Puerto Rico and some of the leaders have been assassinated. Puerto Rico deserves to be decolonized.

Thanks Ms. Clemente, it was a pleasure speaking to you.

Bobbie Gentry-Fancy

Something to Keep

“Perfectionism is a refusal to let yourself move ahead. It is a loop--an obsessive, debilitating closed system that causes you to get stuck in the details of what you are writing or painting or making and to lose sight of the whole. Instead of creating freely and allowing errors to reveal themselves later as insights, we often get mired in getting the details right. We correct our originality into a uniformity that lacks passion and spontaneity.”

Forgiving yourself means concentrating on the insights gained from mistakes, and to let go of the rest. Um. Good luck with that.

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Oh Me

I have One Voice on tape. Oyy. I am seriously not that old though. I need to get with it!

From Barbra

Protect Your Vote

Since voter fraud and voter suppression is still very much an issue in the upcoming election, I wanted to post a section on some of the best articles written by experts on this complex issue and provide information on who to contact if you experience voting problems. It’s so important that Americans are aware and educated so they can insure that their votes are properly counted.

VIDEO: “Protecting Your Vote” Mark Crispin Miller on Bill Moyers

Transcript of Mark Crispin’s interview with Bill Moyers.

Thousands Face Mix-Ups In Voter Registrations In New Databases, Many
Are Wrongly Flagged as Ineligible

Block the Vote - Will the GOP's campaign to deter new voters and
discard Democratic ballots determine the next president?

USA Today cited "accusations of voter fraud and voter suppression" but
omitted examples of voter suppression

States' Attempts to Clean up Voting Lists Result in Unlawful Voter
Purging and Suppression

Treasure Coast officials calling residents on 'no match, no vote' list

Judge Rules Michigan Voter Purging Program Illegal

Ohio GOP loses fight to contest new voters, The Supreme Court on
Friday threw out a lawsuit brought by the Ohio Republican Party that
could have made it easier to challenge tens of...

The Real Issue Isn't Voter Fraud, Its Vote Suppression (Joe
Rothstein's Commentary)

Here are some articles on voting machine glitches and the wise move away from electronic-ballot voting systems that are discernibly switching votes in West Virginia in early voting

Did Washington waste millions on faulty voting machines?

Some early W.Va. voters angry over switched votes
Jackson County touch-screens switched votes, 3 residents say

While flagging illegal practices, don't overlook machine error

Day before early voting, glitch found with machines

Vote Count Error Caught in New Mexico Machines
By Kim Zetter EmailOctober 07, 2008

Officials find, fix glitch in New Mexico voting machine

Places to Report Any Voting Problems You Experience

Unfortunately most states do *not* yet require that local election
officials record or make public voting problems that occur and could
be used to evaluate and improve election systems

YouTube Asks Voters to Record Poll Problems

Problems Voting in the General Election? Report Your Issue Here

1-866-OUR-VOTE; 1-866-MY-VOTE1 Launches: Next Generation in Voter Support

This From Barbra

Americans can’t take anything for granted on Tues November 4th. In the 2000 and 2004 elections, voter fraud, voter suppression and voter intimidation were rampant, especially in the critical swing states Florida and Ohio. This year, we are likely to break voter turnout records. Hundreds of thousands of voters have lined up to vote early around the country, and we have already heard numerous accounts of electronic voting machine glitches, registration and ballot issues and long lines. The information posted below is from Michael Scherer’s Time Magazine cover story ”7 things that can go wrong on Election Day” explaining what voters can do to insure that their voices are heard and their votes are counted.

On Nov. 4, the overwhelming majority of Americans will cast ballots without a hitch. But for some, troubles will occur. Here are a few simple steps you can take to make sure your vote counts:

* Before going to the polls, check to make sure your registration is in proper order by contacting your local registrar or going to (There is still time to fix problems.)
* Polling places can change. Make certain you know your proper polling location and the ID requirements for your state, especially if you are a first-time voter.
* Once at the polls, don’t take no for an answer. You should not leave a polling place without casting some sort of ballot.
* If you encounter problems, request an emergency paper ballot or, as a last resort, a provisional ballot. (Provisional ballots should be avoided whenever possible because they are less likely to be counted. If you must cast a provisional ballot, ask polling officials what steps you can take to ensure your vote is counted.)
* If you still have questions about polling-place locations or ID requirements, or if you encounter any problems at the polls, call Election Protection (866-OUR-VOTE), the nation’s largest coalition of poll watchers and lawyers. The nonpartisan call center will be staffed through Election Day.

Here is the link to the whole article, which is also posted in the “Articles of Interest” section:
"7 Things That Could Go Wrong on Election Day" by Michael Scherer, TIME Magazine

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Woman Chains Herself to House To Stave Off Foreclosure

In Defense of White Americans

This is an interesting article by Frank Rich in the New York Times.
I am sad. Nate Berkus isn't single:-(

I Believe In Love

The Woman in the Moon-Barbra

Monday, October 27, 2008

What a tragedy for Jennifer Hudson and her family. Many sympathies for them.