Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Martina Navritilova Defects From the U.S.

And She leaves saying that life under Communist rule would have been favourable to George Bush.

To Bush: No War With Iran

We must stand adamantly against any machinations on the part of George Bush the evil against Iran. Tell him to go to hell.

Geraldine Ferraro Should Be Ashamed

Geraldine Ferraro should be ashamed and should publicly apologize about the comments she made concerning Barak Obama and his candidacy. Also, when did Greeks and Italians get to be white? A more important question, however. How many of Clinton's supporters, including Geraldine Ferraro, supported Shirley Chisolm in her bid for the presidency? I think that is an issue that should be given a long and hard look.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The U.S., Technology, and Dominance

I have been thinking recently about the idea that those who possess a technological advantage usually have dominance in the world. This is an interesting concept as the United States, which has long been at the helm of the world technologically and in other areas, now seems to be slipping. In relation to the current oil crisis, it seems one of the most blatant examples of the U.S.'s loss of dominance is in this arena. Many months ago, there was a lot of talk about Brazil's successful transfer to an energy system based on sugarcane instead of oil. The United States doesn't have this kind of technology. If Brazil is outdoing the U.S., there is a major slippage on the part of the U.S.
Kirk Franklin is a beautiful man.

Nancy Wilson Endorses Barack Obama!

Nancy's statement in support of Barack Obama

"I have always chosen to sing only those songs that speak to me, that resonate with my life and feelings. I am proud to support Barack Obama because he stays true to his core, and stands up for what he knows is right. As a Spokesperson for the National Minority AIDS Council, I work hard to raise AIDS awareness in the African-American communities, and deeply appreciate that Barack talks honestly with our community on this and other issues. I believe Barack can bring our nation together and realize the true promise of America, and that vision, that hope, speaks powerfully to me." - Nancy Wilson

It's finally here!

Racism in the Clinton Camp

Hillary should be very careful not to let racism become the rallying cry of her campaign. I think its nice that she is now thinking about taking the VP position on an Obama ticket.

Eliot Spitzer

Why is prostitution still illegal in this country?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Cheryl Underwood on The View

You know, this morning on the TJMS, Cheryl asked Tom and Cybil to pray for her because she was going on The View and she didn't want to go off on anybody and keep from embarrasing herself or anyone else. When Elizabeth Hasselback broke into her diatribe about the Black church and the Black family agenda at first I was simply smug with a "white girl talking" kind of attitude. Then I remembered Cheryl Underwood was going to be on the show and then I got scared, especially after Elizabeth started talking about Obama and I started to pray, "Lord, please save Elizabeth Hassleback and don't let Cheryl Underwood snap her in half...."

Racism....CondescensionHillary/Bill's Newest Strategy

After Obama's Wyoming win, Hillary has adapted yet a new tactic for playing her skillful political hand. I think that she should be careful not to let racism seep into her campaign, especially in the form of paternalism and condescension.