Saturday, April 02, 2005

The Rules

When I first came to Purdue, several of my colleagues informed me of the "rules" and how I must comply with them.

The Rules
I will not comply
with the rules
I will not suffer
the rules will make the world
hard as wood and diabetic
the whipping tree that cannot bleed
Abhor the rules and Iwill dedicate my life to living

Song that I Wrote

You don't know what you feel
You don;t even feel what you know
Just make your existence real
live like the water and flow....
Love is like a creation
the earth is ripe for growth
inspire the blossoms to grow.....

Friday, April 01, 2005

My aunt just sent me the photos of my great-great grandmother, great-great grandfather and two of their daughters and I am very emotional. I have seen these photographs all of my life, but now they have some kind of affect on me. I have always been in awe ofthem and held them in reverence as I quite well understood the integrity, the beauty, and the spirit of my ancestors and the legacy that they left behind. I want to preserve them and I want to make a collection of all of that which was left behind for my generation to benefit from. From the time I crawled into aunt Earnestine's room after her death and collected the photographs she had stored there, I feel I can't let any part of my heritage out of my hands. I have to preserve it, I have to make sure that they are kept sacred and holy. To my ancestors--Thanks,

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Thoughts WHile Watching the Color Purple for the Umteenth Billionth Time-- With Robert, before, and after.

What would it have taken for Celie to have taken that razor and sliced Mr's throat? Would it have been wrong of her? I hate that word.

One Similarity between Black and Jewish culture is that they are as violent as their white paternity.....
Maybe this film taught me to feel restricted.....more like it it exposed the violence and the vileness that exists within patriarchal systems....including that of the black community.

The violentce of Black Middle Class existence is unbearable.

As her fingers caress the delicate orange taffet on her shoulder......