Thursday, June 07, 2007

My Cousin Fannie

This post is dedicated to my Cousin Fannie, whom I think is a most remarkable woman. At the age of eighty my cousin took the initiative to found a museum, The People's History Museum which is located in Prattville, Alabama. She has been dedicated to that museum for most of a decade. Just a year younger than my grandmother, she is as robust and does more than most people in their 20s. Despite obstacles and naysayers, she is keeping that museum together and has gotten so many interesting people involved in her projects. She has put together some interesting events and many great exhibits. She is truly inspirational.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

God Bless Oprah and Michael Moore!

My Grandmother Loves to Sing This Song

One night it was dark and was stormy
When along came a tramp in th rain
He was making his way to some station
To catch some long distance train

May I sleep in your barn tonight, mister
It is cold lying out on th ground
An' th cold north wind it is whistling
An' I have no place to lay down

O, I have no tobacco or matches
An' I'm sure that I'll do you no harm
I will tell you my story, kind mister
For it runs through my heart like a storm

It was three years ago last summer
I shall never forget that sad day
When a stranger came out from th city
An' he said, that he wanted to stay

Now, this man, was tall, strong and handsome
And he looked like a man that had wealth
An' he wanted to stay in th country
Said he wanted to stay for his health

One night, as I came from my workshop
I was whistl'n and sing'n with joy
Expected a kind hearted welcome
From my sweet lov'n wife and my boy

But what did I find but a letter
It was placed in th room on a stand
An' th moment my eyes fell upon it
I picked it right up in my hands

Now, this note said my wife an' this stranger
They had left and had taken my son
Now, I wonder if God up in Heaven
Only knows what this stranger has done

May I sleep in your barn tonight, mister
It is cold lie'n out on th ground
An' th cold north wind it is whistl'n
An' I have no place to lay down

Turkish Troops Enter Iraq

Wow, what a new dynamic! I wonder what this will do in terms of the larger scope of Iraq.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Michael Moore and Sicko on Oprah

Very important show today. Michael Moore and Oprah discussed his new film Sicko.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Fascism on the Rise in the U.S. --People Should Be Paying Attention To This

Last night, I learned about this National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive, that was approved by Congress under which the president, at his own judgement and bidding, can assume all of the powers of the government under presidential authority without any advise or consent from either of the other two branches of government. This means that if and when he decides, George Bush can declare a state of National Emergency and assume total power. This is what Hitler did in 1933 when he implemented a national boycott of Jewish businesses and services, and later rounded them up to send them off to death camps. I think people need to start paying attention to what their elected officials are doing and start holding their feet to the fire til they burn and get some common sense. Else, you will find yourself living in an autocratic, right-wing dictatorship.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Love For Serena Williams

I saw Serena win against Dinara Safina today. It was like watching Cookie Monster eating a cookie.

Story Published

My story, "The Night" was published in Events Quarterly magazine.