Saturday, August 09, 2008

Blogging From Chicago

In the Mother Jones article "December Surprise" in the August/08 issue concerning the financial crisis the United States currently finds itself in, s wuoyr gtom Jrttu Bowyer, chief economist for financial services for Benchmark sttes that fault for the subprime crisis "lies with the small army of hard-left political hustlers who spent the early 90s pushing risky mortgages on home lenders. And the fault lies especially with the legislation that gave them the power to do it."

This is uncovers and reveals a lot. From what this says to me, the economy was magnificent when moneylenders only had to give $50,000 dollar loans to white people to move out of the city and into the they could get away from the ghettoes and the onslaught of negroes.....when they had to give loans to "risky" elements....the economy went south. Well, I say let it go south. I also say some penises should be severed and the persons who own those penises ought to be made to eat them.....Evil, wicked....boy do I hate to be mad in the morning time.

Sunday, August 03, 2008


When I was thirteen or fourteen...we went to Huntingdon, West Virginia to meet some of my mother's relatives....I remember sleeping in the drafty, allergic attic and waking up with a headache...being extremely attracted to the man who lived in the house and was an administrator at the local college...who was my mothers...first cousin?....and watching him get dressed every morning....and the old lady who lived next door whom I spent the bulk of my time sitting on her porch with her talking and having a great old time....double cousins..and triple cousins... and a great, big family photo...