Friday, August 10, 2007

When I was a little boy and I would come to Alabama for the summer, the neighbors a few houses down from my grandmother were the Mims. We used to play together and have sleepovers-mostly my sister spending the night with the girls--and sometimes I would. Faye, the mom, would take us different places everyday and we have a great old time. They had a boy named Michael, we were the same age. His mother used to call him beautiful and say that he was her pretty boy, he was blond and a very gentle child. We played together all of the time and had much fun. He grew up to be gay.
People should look more closely at the links between J.P. Morgan, the American corporate establishment, and the fascist government of Mousollini. It is as if the fascism of the United States is a concerted effort.

Boycott Drummond Company, Inc

Alabama based company, Drummond Ltd has been complicit in the murder of unionist in Columbia. U.S. courts have just failed to find them negligent or make them pay. Call for a boycott of any products made by this company.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

I often wonder how Anatoli hides his stuff so well. My own Dr.


Poem That I Wrote and Just Found in A Piano Book

American Values appear on the radar; a litmus test should be given to every fool who finds value in those...
Smiles decieve and the lies that told you of integrity, hardwork, and a corner of the market on ethics.

The Sky sluggish, brown-water swamp of ethics, integrity, and lies the thin veneer that shell the hardcore whiteness of a face; be not decieved, America is not your friend. While it plays the game of high ethics and morality and waves the multi-colored flag in front of your face to prove it-it has no adverse dispositions to your color; black is nowhere to be found. The white house and the white children all play to achieve the day when your black ass will be invisible; no longer reminding them of the sins of their forefathers who just happen to be your forefathers too.
So they ride around on a horse and tower six legs above the earth instead of two; Iraq is not the first time the cowboy lost his Indian. Diversity and equality spread feathers like a peacock revealing all its secrets of malice and sin. Keep it white and keep it right, everything else is simply something to get in the way. The game is power on the home court and the bully is looking to capture territory while our freedoms are apparently free-lockstep seems to be the way to be patriarchal fervor, hard-hitting and unashamed.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Blog World Awards at Left of Centrist

Check out the Blog World Report Awards over at Left of Centrist.

Poem I Wrote Recently

There is a boy who knew love
deeply and with one man
and then another
soul to soul embracing laughter
and life
through the fire of soul
touching hands and lips and bodies
fingers enmeshed as stiffened flesh is swallowed whole
longingly, lovingly
anticipation of camaraderie
powered and fused by soul
Congratulations to Barry Bonds. It is great to see Black men recieve accolades.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Here is Bush's Bullshit--Confiscating Property for Speaking Against the War

Here is the executive order itself, issued by Bush.
Bush has issued an executive order that allows him to confiscate the property of any person that he deems is "obstructing" the war in Iraq. Cut this man's penis off!
I heard yesterday that during the commemoration of the dropping of the Atom bomb on Japan, a high ranking Japanese official critized the Prime Minister of Japan for supporting George Bush. Wonderful!


Horrifying Stuff
Today, Rev. Randy H. Schmidt gave a talk at the Lunch and learn on developing Nanotechnology studies and what the U.S. government is spending out tax dollars on developing. Nanotechnology is serious and frightening. The government is trying to develop human capacity so that soldiers can go without sleep for days at a time and also manipulate their vision for nighttime warfare. There are some other serious things that aren't being discussed in the National Dialogue that will definitely have major impacts in ever aspect of humanity in the long run.
My grandmother should have been a coal miner. She has that mentaility.

Monday, August 06, 2007

This Weekend on CSPAN

I very much adore Elizabeth Holzmann. I wholeheartedly support the movement to impeach Bush.

The Raggle Taggle army?

200,000 weapons gone from the U.S. miltiary arsenal and where have they gone? Hmm....interesting...

Check This Link Out-Sent over Indy Email Wire

There is some absolutely awful shit going on in this world. This bill just passed by congress giving Bush the right to invade people's privacy deserves the castration of every public official holding a national office in Washington D.C. Also, according to people on the scene, the TSA, Trasportation Security Administration, stopped passengers as they boarded Indianapolis buses to check for weapons and "suspicious behaviour." Cut it off!
This weekend I saw a wonderful performance of the Vagina Monologues with Eve Ensler, Jane Fonda, Val Kilmer(hot hot), Ali McGraw, and others. It was fabo. I also saw a great interview with Connie Schultz of Ohio. She is great people.