Saturday, April 25, 2009

In a Most Unusual Way


In a very unusual way one time I needed you.
In a very unusual way you were my friend.
Maybe it lasted a day, maybe it lasted an hour.
But, somehow it will never end.

In a very unusual way I think I'm in love with you.
In a very unusual way I want to cry.
Something inside me goes week,
Something inside me surrenders.
And you're the reason why,
You're the reason why

You don't know what you do to me,
You don't have a clue.
You can't tell what its like to be me looking at you.
It scares me so, that I can hardly speak.

In a very unusual way, I owe what I am to you.
Though at times it appears I won't stay, I never go.
Special to me in my life,
Since the first day that I met you.
How could I ever forget you,
Once you had touched my soul?
In a very unusual way,
You've made me whole.
I so want to meet Barbra Joan Streisand!
I am so sitting here crying while watching Barbra on CBS!

Bea Arthur


Happy Birthday To Shirley Maclaine Too!

The Birthday Girl

Happy Belated Birthday Barbra! 4/24/04! Concert tonight on CBS at 7 central!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This Weeks News!

Kudos to President Obama for opening the door for the prosecution of torture under the Bush administration! Kudos to Code Pink for getting rid of laws in Afghanistan that would have legalized marital rape!