Monday, May 14, 2012

Repressed Tales, Vol. 1

So, I have been contemplating this series, or reports rather, for they are true stories, for a long time.What this series considers is my idea that if one lives under a system of repression, there is absolutely nothing you can be except repressed unless you are on your way to liberation. These stories, which I am about to present to you, all of which I can vouch for, speak to this idea. Here is the first installment.

Repressed Tales, Vol. 1.

I was a sophomore or junior in college when one day I was standing admiring some display in the dining hall when all of a sudden, one of the foreign exchange students, Mack, from Korea, came up beside me and very nonchalantly grabbed my breast. Begging his pardon, in his words it was an accident. Mack was studying to be a minister, was thirty years old to my twenty years and led a very model existence by clerical standards. Not at all put off by the accidental grope, I invited Mack to my room that evening to discuss politics and history, two passions we both shared. My room was very private in the evenings as the roommate I had worked nights and did not get home until very late. So, that evening, and many evenings that followed, Mack would come to my room and I would sit on my bed and he would sit in a chair. We would discuss politics, history, and any number of things, while at the same time, without either of us saying a word, my hands would snake up and down his thighs while I stroked him to ultimate pleasure. Mostly, he came in his clothes, but once I jacked him off by hand as we continued our conversation. These meetings went on for about three months.Then I think he became troubled by what we were doing because he went to see his minister and subsequently after that showed up with a girlfriend. I continued to see him around, but we never fooled around again. I have no idea what happened to him after graduation.