Saturday, July 16, 2005

I believe Tyler Perry is gay. And on the downlow.

Albums of My Life

I decided to write about the music that has really made a profound presence with me. This is not complete, but it does cover most of what I have encountered that has stuck with me.

Back to Broadway- Barbra Streisand

This was the first Barbra Streisand album I bought, back in 1992. It was erotic and with a flare that was totally captivating. I love particularly the mellow seductiveness of "Speak Low," which is an incredibly sensual rendition of the classic tune from "South Pacific." "Move On," is incredibly moving and brings goosebumps to my skin listening to it. Barbra's delivery here is earth-shattering as she lays out her sorrow song about self-fullfilment and letting go. The melange of Broadway standards that Barbra puts together on this album flow with a sensational ease and make for a breezy, jazz-tempered album that stands out on it own. The two duets on this album are also intoxicating. "Music of the Night," with Michael Crawford and "One Hand/One Heart," with Johnny Mathis are truly classic, each displaying the ease with which Barbra's magnificent and powerful voice blends and flavors the art of duet.

The Broadway Album- Barbra Streisand

The original Broadway Album, released six years before Back to Broadway (both were number one on the charts), I acquired this album after the second one. I was profoundly moved. The way Barbra arranges songs for an album is truly, in a word, exceptional. Each song tells a story or sends a message, and they all fit within a theme or pattern that she has carefully designed for the album. "Putting it Together," really gets into my bones. Opening the album, this song expresses the frustration of being true to one's craft and talent in the face of naysayers and public trends. Art truly isn't easy. "Being Alive,"is absolutely heart-wrenching and touches the soul with its heart-filled request to be taken, to be used, to be loved. Barbra's "Porgy," is definitely a classic rendition and rivals(although doesn't quite reach the level of) Nina Simone's. "Pretty Women/Ladies Who Lunch" is fun, playful, and delicious as it weaves together a stinging blow to the prototypical society woman. This album is definitely important to the Streisnad repertoire and is truly one of the best albums ever produced.

Barbra Streisand Greatest Hits Volume II is truly one of the greatest albums of all time. This album is astoundingly fresh and erotic, especially considering that all of the songs on this album were previously released. The compilation and arrangement of this album are truly what make it powerful andstand as testament to Streisand's ability as an artist. This is a true rock and roll classic and defines Barbra's ingenuity as a rock and roll diva. "Prisoner/ Eyes of Laura Mars," is a primal scream that speaks for itself. With grit and the fire of emotion, Barbra gives this album an intensity that is reached by few albums.

A Star is Born

This album only gets mentioned because of the presence of "Queen Bee," "Everything," "Woman in the Moon," and "With One More Look at You." This album is not a classic like Greatest Hits Volume II, but it does hold its own as a rock and roll album, which is attested to by its status as a quadruple platinum seller.These four songs range from the playful to searing with razor sharp lyrics, earth shattering deliveries, and subtle messages of feminist testimony,individual freedom and integrity. As a soundtrack, "A Star is Born," reaches beyond expectation.


I bought this album when I was just about to graduate from high school. It had a profound effect on me. Tapestry is one of those albums with deep roots that bury themselves down in your soul and plant themselves there. "Home Again" and "Beautiful as You Feel," cut right to the core. "Natural Woman," and "Will You Still Love Me Tommorow," prove that what she pens she can also sing. "Tapestry," is a mesmerizing, magical lyric that weaves together a morose,enchanting tale and evokes the sincerest emotions from the listener. This album is indeed exceptional.

Waiting to Exhale is THE soundtrack that deserves respect as a part of the regular cannon. This album is spiritual medicine and although I completely ignored this album when it first came out, in high school and college I absolutely learned to appreciate both the album and the movie. This album is the Black Woman's testimonial. An offering of balm to the soul. Patti, Aretha, Chaka, Brandy, Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston,Mary J. Blige....this album is truly beautiful.
What is going on with Tavis and his show on PBS? I swear. I love Tavis, but he must be a bit out of it with some of the guest he has had recently. This musician that he had on tonight, perhaps he should have let him speak first and then not sing at all.
In regards to the previous post, I mention it only because I found it interesting that there were three shows in succession that touched on homosexuality, or to put it better, made use of borderline homophobic humour in their shows.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Tonight on television, there were three consecutive shows that broached the topic of homosexuality - Living Single, That Seventies Show, and one other one which I cant remember right now. Who comes up with this programming? I can't believe I am watching television these days. I haven't watched tv in ages.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

America is now the Nigger. I think there should be more discussions focused around what Cornel West said in regards to that. This country now knows that it is not invincible, and indeed is the new nigger.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

What is going on with the NAACP? Well, I will simply state right now that the NAACP needs backbone and integrity. It needs to, as I have just heard a commentator say, pick up the issues that need to be addressed to better the lives of people. Alas, I think George Bush is filthy and should be beaten with a stick for refusing the NAACP's invitation, but alas, I think that the NAACP needs to get a grip, which means stop allowing the Bush administration from defnining the way you operate and what your agenda is. I think this needs to be addressed. Alas, where are the Black Panthers?

Sunday, July 10, 2005

I hope China whoops ass. I put my hope and faith in the future of China.