Friday, June 29, 2007

Ward Chapel A.M.E Church Demolished, People's Historical Museum Displaced

The story linked above is a fine example of Negroes with no conviction. After years of trying, the congregation of Ward Chapel A.M.E. Church, the oldest Black church in Autauga County, established by the former slaves and bastard children of Daniel Pratt, have had the original building, which had been declared a historical landmark, demolished and in its place will build a parking lot. Gone is the history associated with that building, and also displaced is the People's Historical Museum, a museum founded and run by Fannie Smith dedicated to the history of and the legacy of the people of Autauga County. The museum, having moved from Ward Chapel a few years ago, has settled in a few different places and currently resides in the community of Mount Sinai. This is a progressive effort and deserves the support of everyone.

Supreme Court Decision on Integration

American Blacks, if they aren't in cahoots with white people in doing evil, are constantly allowing themselves to be walked over. Isn't it time to grab something and cut some of these people's penises off who try to stand in the way of humanity?
I just finished Cindy Sheehan's Peace Mom. What a powerful book! I think Matriotism is a great idea....I wonder if Ms. Sheehan has ever considered the idea of patriarchy and how it infuses so much of the oppression and bullshit we see. I am very glad I got to meet her.