Friday, July 06, 2007

Domestic Spying Continues

A federal court of appeals ruled in favor of the Bush administration in the ACLU fight to end the Bush administration's illegal spying and wiretapping. If they won't stop it, I say chop off some penises.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

On Isaiah Washington

I would definitely forgive Isaiah Washington, if he came and got in my bed.


God is a woman

Walter Williams' Piece "Caring Largely Irrelevant"

In this morning's paper, Walter Williams has an article in which he makes the argument that white people rarely think about Black people, therefore, racism must not exist. He fails to recognize the fact that white people are white so that they can refuse to think about Black people, and more importantly the power and privilege that they have, and even more than that how that power and privilege was attained--with their great-great grandfathers raping,killing, and enslaving everything in sight. That's the purpose for whiteness, so you can forget. I'll tell you this, white people may not think about Black people, but they sure do think about--those who are truly white--those people who have the greatest power and privilege--the people at the top of the economic and political ladders-they sure do think about how they are going to keep it. Also, whiteness is a delusion--it allows you to forget and it allows you not to think about past or present--when was the last time you looked at the tag on your clothing and thought about what Third World country it was made in. 9/11 was supposed to be a wakeup call--and it was, somewhat, people in this country aren't nearly as comfortable. However, they are still living in a delusion.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Talking With My Grandmother-Recording

My grandmother's high school English teacher was named Ms. Borders. On a separate note, I remember being a little boy and driving in Montgomery. My mother pointed out the school that was named for my uncle's first wife, Mary Foster McDavid. It has since been torn down.

Sad Tidings, Beverly Sills is Dead at 78

The magnficent and legendary Beverly Sills has died. What a great loss.

Surprise in the Newspaper This Morning

I ran across Dr. Inez Baskin's obituary in the newspaper this morning, the civil rihts activist and renowned journalist, and I found something interesting. Among the credits she has listed, it states that she worked with photographer Arthur Freeman, who was my uncle. Uncle Arthur Lee took photographs of lynchings for Jet and Ebony magazines.

Libby's Sentence Commuted

So Bush has pardoned Libby. Although, he couldn't call it a pardon because that would just make him look like the crook he his so he calls it commuting his sentence. I don't think anything positive will come out of this for Bush. He's a lame duck and a total disaster.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Viva Barbra! Kudos On Her Legion of Honor Award!

Barbra, following in the tradition of Josephine Baker has just been awarded France's highest homor, the Legion of Honor! I am so going to a Barbra Streisand concert before I die!
Those in the know say the United States is looking to invade Iran.