Saturday, May 12, 2007

God Bless those who are providing sanctuary for the undocumented.
There are those who think I am uppity because I talk about my family. Hmm. I think it says a lot about some outlooks, perspectives, points of view, and politics.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Thank God for my many blessings.
Today as I was walking through borders, in one little corner of the store they had a display on which one side of the aisle there was a board game called "You've been Arresseted." On the other side, there were two books, one called "Hiring People" and the other "Managing People." This is a sick and twisted culture we live in. I believe it's in the throes of death.
"Let Freedom Ring is not the same as the bling bling."- Cornel West

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Flack Jackets from Wikipedia

The Wikipedia article on Flack Jackets doesn't seem very encouraging. Even more reason why this is a mess and a half and a great big sham.

Commentary on New Baghdad Security

These people who are running this war( as well as the country) are full of shit and so stupid. What in the hell are a flack jacket and a helmet going to do for you when someone throws a bomb at you? I so would leave those people to be protected by their flack jackets and helmets and run my ass on away from there.

America/Rome Show

I absolutely adore Diane Rehm!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Case of Jimmy Lee Jackson ReOpened

Decades after his murder, thy are finally bringing the case of the late Jimmy Lee Jackson, the Civil Rights worker who was shot and killed in 1965 Selma, Alabama, which spurned the Selma to Montgomery March, is being brought to trial. The police officer who murdered him is now 73-years-old. I hope this does something for his family, if nothing else.
My dear, sweet Aunt Louise who taught me Lanchey and is a Black Bette Midler with her thick New York accent. May the lord keep her.
There are stories I have to write and have to figure out how to write them.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

High on Hog by Julia Fields-- I Have Been Searching For This Poem Forever!

I had this memorized and could recite it so well...that was so long ago. I am glad I found it.

Take my share of Soul Food-I do not wish
To taste of pig Of either gut or Grunt from bowel Or jowel
I want caviar Shrimp scouffle' Sherry Champagne and not because
These are the Whites domain but just because I'm entitles-
For I've been V.d.'d enough T.b.'d enough and Hoe-cake fed
Knock-knee'd enough Spindly leg-bloodhound tree'd enough
To eat High on the Hog

I've been Hired last Fired first enough I've sugar-watered my Thirst enough-
Been lynched enough Slaved enough Cried enough Died enough
Been deprived-Have survived enough
To eat High on the Hog

Keep the black-eyed peas and the grits
The high blood-pressured chops and gravy sops
I want aperitifs supreme Baked Alaska-something suave, cool
For I've been considered faithful fool from 40 acres and a mule…
I've been Slighted enough Sever-righted enough And up tighted enough
And I want High on the Hog

For dragging the cotton sack On bended knees In burning sun
In homage to the Great- King cotton
For priming the money-green tobacco and earning pocket-change
For washing in iron pots For warming by coal and soot For eating the leavings from Others' tables
I've lived my wretched life Between domestic rats And foreign wars
Carted to my final rest In second-hand cars
But I've been leeched enough Dixie-peached enough Color bleached enough
And I want High on the Hog!

Oh I've heard the Mau Mau Screaming Romanticizing Pain
I hear them think They go against the Grain
But I've lived in shacks Long enough Had strong black beaten Backs long enough And I've been Urban-planned Been monyilanned Enough
And I want High on the Hog...

Monday, May 07, 2007

Purdue Picks a Woman of Color as its 11th President

In an interesting move,Purdue picked France Cordova, former UC Riverside Chancellor, as its 11th president. She is not only Purdue's first female president, but she is also the first Hispanic president as well. It is a progressive step. We shall see what comes of it.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The French Adopt a Right Wing Government

It saddens me to see the French elect Nicolas Sarkozy. There is a dangerous and terrifying trend of Western nations adopting right wing governments. We are entering some sort of horrific period and god knows what we will find. So far, Western nations that have adopted Right-Wing governments include:

The United States
Great Britain

Something is going to happen.