Friday, June 23, 2006

Latin Pop Stars

Chayanne is hot.


A grand jury in Washington D.C. has refused to indict Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney in what was a lame attack upon her by the Conservative elements in this country and an assault upon her person and integrity by a Washington D.C. police officer. Congratulations and all support for Rep. McKinney! On another note, it just dawned on me that Rep. McKinney represents the district that includes H. Rap Brown. There is definitely a need to castrate the penis and not be distracted by anything.The Conservative garbage in this country shall not win( that is those that try to control and rule).

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

These are the children of Mattie Roper and Morgan Goodson that lived to adulthood. I am not sure if it is a full list, as it might have been one of her off days. In no particular order

Betty(Uncle Clarence's mother)--who was a schoolteacher and an undertaker.
Sadie(my great-grandmother)
Alfreeda(called Bum)
Willie Bell
Emma Catherine(I know she is the youngest child).
King Philip(the oldest child)
Henry Oliver(called Jule)
Arthur(called Lant)
James Doc
Bracy(called bud or buddy)
Macaulay Ware(he gave himself Ware--)--aka Professor or Fess Goodson
George Dewey

The brothers and sisters of John Archie, children of Fannie Caver Cooper are

Mattie Floyd
Marry Ellen
Nettie Jane(Cousin Cottie's mother)
Bertie Lee
John Archie
Charlie Remon
Lee Benny
Ellie Adams
This song is most unprogressive. I can just imagine a mammy singing this to the white child she was nursing. It was sung to me as a child. I have just as of late thought about the implications of this song, what it means, and what context it was sung in.

When I was a little baby
I remember long ago
my pappy would sit all the evenin'
and play his old banjo
mammy then would call me honey
place me up upon her knee
and put me to her bosom
and sing this song to me
don' you cry my honey
don' you weep no more
mammy only loves her baby
all the other black trash sittin'on the floor
mammy only loves her boy.

Monday, June 19, 2006

I have to disagree with Oprah that pilates and yoga aren't good for fitness. I've found them quite useful.

Drummond Co. Crimes

There should be a boycott of Alabama based,Drummond Mining company in solidarity with the Columbian miners and workers who are now in court and have faced all manner of harrassments and even assassination from this immigrant corporation. This is an outrageous crime and it should not go unnoticed. Something to think about is the role that corporations such as Drummond play in Latin American and other non-western countries and how the existence of these companies in these countries plays into the American Imperialism and the military industrial complex(think Haliburton and Iraq).