Friday, February 10, 2006

Laughing At Myself

I was just thinking how absolutely crazy I must have seemed when I was in college. The main building on our campus was the chapel, which is a beautiful pseudo-victorian chapel, three storied, done in burnt orange and white. This is where most of my classes were and it was also the main building for administration, etc--the heart of the campus. Well, in the mornings I would wake up --I've always been one to wake up very early and I would go sit in the huge bay stained glass window in the chapel with my book and read til time to go to class. I would sit there contently reading to myself, and in the process watch the janitors come in in the morning to clean. It must have been 5:30,6 O'clock when I would first get there, because it was a good thirty minutes before I saw anybody else. They would all greet me and speak to me in the mornings. I thought nothing of it. But I know they all must have thought I was one odd child. Adding to that, I remember at one point, perhaps in my junior year, when I suggested to my friend Clay, who was in the choir, that perhaps a great way to wake everyone up would be to have the choir stand on the steps of the chapel every morning and sing. No comment.
Yesterday was absolutely great. Bernadine Dohrn is absolutely inspirational.
At the moment some interesting stuff is going on in terms of research being done on my family tree.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

This Song Just Popped Into My Mind.

I Know It Was the Blood

I know it was the blood I know it was the blood
I know it was the blood for me
One day when I was lost He died upon the cross
And I know it was the blood for me(Repeat)
This is a very well done page about Fannie Lou Hamer.
I would definitely be intrigued to learn more about the friendship between Ava Gardner, Marilyn Monroe, and Dorothy Dandridge.

About Me

I'm too much of a pragmatist to be a philosopher and I'm too much of a philosopher to be a pragmatist.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Today, I have heard many different voices talking about how awful it is that many arabs have turned to violence in response to the horrible disrespect done to them by several European papers.My initial response is: whatever, bullshit. How dare you people try to admonish these people at all for anything they have done in response to this and in retaliation to the utter disregard for their humanity that is being handed them by the west. It is definitely not like the Western powers that be have not been trying to villify and demonize Islam and people of arab descent for the past thirty years or more, or that Europe for the most part went part and parcel with Bush in totally disregarding their humanity, invading their country, abusing their people, totally interrupting and disrupting their lives. Not only would I be at the point right now of trying to burn down your embassy, I would absolutely be prepared to slice your throat....

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

God Bless Jimmy Carter for the wonderful and courageous words that he spoke over Coretta Scott King today. He soundly admonished Bush for his wiretapping and took him to task for all of the evils that he ias committed since he took the white house. Kudos also to the Reverend Joseph Lowery for browbeating the Bushes(both father and son). I can't believe that asshole was allowed to speak over Coretta Scott King. What an outrageous disrespect. Someone should have castrated him while he was standing there. Alas, it is definitely quite clear how very much inside the belly of the beast the King family has come to be in the United States. They are the new dignitaries that command respect....
I was at the bookstore earlier today and I was reading some of Susan Brownmiller's Against Our Will. She made some interesting points that I definitely had not considered before. Rape is not a natural occurrence, it is a poltitical one peculiar to humans. Also, the idea that the first instances of "male bonding" perhaps occurred around an incident of gang rape. What a crude, crude world we live in.
I absolutely admonish those elements within the Islamic community who are calling for death to Israel and a return of the Holocaust. Alas, as the Danish government ANd the newspapers have apologized, I do believe that this situation has been rectified. However, that does not even begin to excuse the bigotry and awful imperialistic asshole-like nature and attitude that produced the cartoon in the first place.

COINTELPRO AND White Male Bullshit

Today as I was in the Undergraduate library printing something off, when I went to pick up my printing I saw two items laying on the priter that someone had left there. One was entitled, "Bullets Spray Home of BLack Militant, Peril Two Children" The other entitled "Liability."
Kudos!to Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco for putting the pressure on Washington! I am so very glad that she is letting it be known that Washington has completely forgotten and wants to further forget about the disaster that is now the Gulf Coast.

Monday, February 06, 2006

I ran into Vanessa this evening as she was up from Bloomington. She looked so vibrant and happy. I long to be there. That is, to be happy.
I just sent letters to the editor to two Danish newspapers officially damning them to hell. I hope they actually go.
There was a major demonstration in D.C. this past Saturday with thousands in the streets calling for Bush to be impeached. I wonder if it received good media coverage.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Slow Erosion of Progress

I am a bit sad these days, somewhat depressed. It seems everyone is dying and going away. What will we do now that those who have led us are gone? Where will we find other people who have vision and who will speak out?

Another Death

Betty Friedan, one of the mother's of the second wave of feminism died yesterday. She was 85.
There has been talk for many years now concerning the U.S.'s plan to make Iran their next target. What's in the news these days?

About Purdue

White people move in their own little circles...and try their best to ignore the racism that they live in.
I am glad they burned the Danish Embassy in Beirut.
Yes, the European press does have the right to be racist sons of a bitches. However, they should be castrated and never supported again.