Saturday, March 26, 2005

I must tell Rebecca that I did what I told her I could not do. I sat through a service with a bunch of religious people and kept my cool. I don't know how well I "infiltrated" but at least I sat there and didnt make myself (that) noticeable. Perhaps I could join her and Trish on an escapade to infiltrate the religious right. The whole passion of crhist passion play nouveau damnation speech was fairly entertaining, and I felt just a tad bit amused and able to laugh and not fall asleep. I deserve a reward and some kudos for this. I am starting to watch The Color Purple tonight, for the umpteenth billionth time in my life. Celie is a Black Woman with pain and the undergirth of her suffering is shown in that pain. And her wisdom. Celie is strong though her skin is human and she bleeds. She is not leather, none of us are. Tonight with Robert has been fun, although I am not much for his religious stuff at least I was out, with him. Alas, when he comes over tonight we shall see. Ahem. Anyway. Im off to write my letters/emails to contacts that I should be making. Ciao. ... Interesting I write this in the form of a letter-- it's alice's influence.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Stew is interesting. We have started over Giovanni's Room and the way in which our relationship has progressed is totally queer, even if not romantic or sexual or otherwise. He is a pretty interesting boy, totally not like anything that I would ever pursue, but sometimes you just take what falls into your lap. It will be interesting to see where this goes. Tread the waters lightly.......

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Wonderful News from Seattle!!

This is a wonderful bit of news from antiwar activists in Seattle!
I am really excited to learn more about this conference that is happening in Venezuela this summer. I want to go! I was really very glad to encounter Zach G and Dex again ( I know I have met Zach somewhere before). Charity is so inspiring! I think she is beautiful, and the grace that she earned in her six months in prison truly show through. She knows what it is to be in the mix of fighting for a cause. She moves with a more graceful step. I can't figure out what to make of the hand play that went on between myself and Matt --there was certainly some kind of connection, but I think he didnt want to pursue it as I don't live anywhere near him. He was very cute though... and very attentive. It made me really sad to talk to Dr. Szpiech today. The world is unfair. How is it that she, such a wonderful, progressive intellectual is suffering as she is? At least let her have enough money to take care of herself. I hate I havent kept in touch with her, but I am glad our friendship is renewed. I feel like crying too much....the flood would never end.

Monday, March 21, 2005

The summit and rally this weekend were quite amazing! Despite the freezing temperatures and my sore throat and sniffles-- we had an amazing weekend and I feel oh so inspired by the connections that I made and the people that I got a chance to bond with, the feeling was amazing. Standing in solidarity with my brothers and sisters and demanding that the walls of the empire fall! Michael Parenti was an excellent speaker, and he totally cleared my thinking on a lot of things...which previously had been located in terms of undertanding...right outside of my periphery. I am ready to get things started with these initiatives.. My next few posts, when I have the energy...will be autobiographical.