Friday, July 25, 2008

My Grandmother When She Finished at Alabama State

Kevin Pausch, 47,,died today

I saw him on Oprah and thought he was a beautiful soul. He dedicated his last days to teaching the world about living and mortality.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Black In America Part I- CNN

It was, as I expected, full of stereotypes and cliches, but I do commend Soledad O'Brien for the effort. There's only so much one can do at a major network anyway. One really cannot discuss race and racism in America, especially as pertaining to Black people, without discussing patriarchy. Tonight's efforts only touched on a few problems with a wide-brushing sweep.

Do I Move You? -Nina Simone

It is very true that you learn something new every time you watch a film. I never noticed the beginning of The Great Debaters and its discussion of revolution. Very useful to me.
A very sweet and dear old friend died recently. R.I.P. Daryll Mangrum.
When I knew my aunt Earnestine, she had hair that went all the way to the floor. Even as she was about to die.
Everytime I walk into my cousin's house, I revel in what a wonderful spirit it has. It is interesting how quickly you can tell what kind of spirit a house has upon entering it.

Project Runway

Kato's dress this time was butt ugly.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Think This Is a Wonderful Image of Same Sex Love

Hearing Shirley MacLaine speak yesterday on The View, I am now more thoroughly convinced that there is an afterlife and that people do transgress time. I have had those experiences myself. I feel that I lived in a previous life, sometime in the early twentieth or late 19th an urban environment... More things to ponder.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I am sitting in a coffeeshop and watching the owner, a beautiful black man, walk up and down the length of the building. He has a great ass.

Wachovia Falls


Chavez Seeks Alliance With Russia

We must stop the United States from meddling in the affairs of South America. Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, Bolivia's Evo Morales, are among leaders who are trying to keep American machinations at bay. Stop the U.S. government and take responsibility for what the evil white men whom you elect to run your country do.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Goodbye Earl

Mary Anne and Wanda were the best of friends
All through their high school days
Both members of the 4H Club
Both active in the FFA
After graduation Mary Anne went out lookin'
for a bright new world
Wanda looked all around this town
and all she found was Earl

Well it wasn't two weeks
after she got married that
Wanda started gettin' abused
She put on dark glasses and long sleeved blouses
And make-up to cover a bruise
Well she finally got the nerve to file for divorce
She let the law take it from there
But Earl walked right through that restraining order
And put her in intensive care

Right away Mary Anne flew in from Atalnta
On a red eye midnight flight
She held Wanda's hand as they
worked out a plan
And it didn't take long to decided

That Earl had to die
Goodbye Earl
Those black-eyed peas
They tasted all right to me Earl
You're feeling weak
Why don't you lay down
and sleep Earl
Ain't it dark
Wrapped up in that tarp Earl

The cops came to bring Earl in
They searched the house
high and low
Then they tipped their hats
and said 'Thank You ladies
if you hear from him let us know'

Well the weeks went by and
Spring turned to Summer
And Summer faded into Fall
And it turns out he was a missing person
who nobody missed al all

So the girls bouth some land
and a roadside stand
Out on Highway 109
They sell Tennessee ham
and strawberry jame
And they don't
lose any sleep at night 'cause

Earl had to die
Goodbye Earl
We need a break
Let's go out to the lake Earl
We'll pack a lunch
And stuff you in the trunk Earl
Well is that all right
Good Let's go for a ride
Earl hey

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Dixie Chicks

More from album :

Corey Glass Deported: Shame On Canada!

Canada's Shame:
Harper government deports US War Resister Robin Long

Against the wishes of Canadians and Canada's Parliament, the federal government deported U.S. Iraq war resister Robin Long to the United States, where he faces punishment for refusing to participate in the Iraq War.

Robin is currently being held at the Buckley City Jail near Fort Lewis, Washington. Last night supporters and a lawyer were able to get in to visit Robin. He will likely be transferred to Fort Carson, Colorado next week.

More details will be posted as information becomes available, including details of how people can send messages of support to Robin.

The War Resisters Support Campaign is calling on supporters across Canada to urgently continue to put pressure on the minority conservative government to immediately cease deportation proceedings against other US war resisters and to respect the will of Canadians and their elected representatives by implementing the motion adopted by Parliament on June 3rd. Please see the take action page for what you can do.


Take Action By:


Tell them you want them to:
• immediately cease all deportation proceedings against US Iraq war resisters in Canada
• implement the motion adopted by the House of Commons on June 3rd, 2008 by creating a program that would allow US Iraq war resisters to apply for permanent resident status in Canada


Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper's constituency office:

Or email him at:

Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Diane Finley

MP Diane Finley’s constituency office (Simcoe):

Or email her at:


Please take a moment to email or phone Stockwell Day, Minister of Public Safety, and ask him to immediately stop the deportation of U.S. Iraq war resisters. (The Canadian Border Services Agency falls under his ministry).

Also ask him why the federal government is refusing to respect the clearly expressed will of Canada's Parliament, that U.S. war resisters should be allowed to stay and that deportation proceedings against them should cease?

In a recent Angus Reid poll, almost two-thirds of Canadians said they want U.S. Iraq war resisters to be allowed to stay in Canada. Demand to know why the Harper government is unwilling to be accountable to Canadians.

Minister of Public Safety Stockwell Day
Email: (Ottawa office) (Penticton constituency office)

613.995.1702 (Ottawa)
250.770.4480 (Penticton constituency office)

Fax: 613.995.1154 (Ottawa); 250.770.4484 (Penticton)

* * *

It is more urgent than ever that we send a message to the Canadian government that Canada needs to welcome US men and women who refuse to participate in the illegal and immoral war in Iraq. There are three actions you can take today to help support the war resisters.

* Sign the petition in support of the war resisters;
* Contact the federal government and make your views known; and
* Send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.
God bless the Iranians. The US and Israel are looking for war with Iran. People in progressive circles have been saying this for the past five years at least. I first sat in on a discussion about it in 2003.