Friday, July 09, 2010

I hope they tear up Oakland and San Francisco.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Southern Conference CCDS Workshop at USSF

Pictures from Chicago Pride

More Pics from the USSF/Leftist Lounge

Pictures from the USSF

Report on the USSF

I got back from Detroit this past Tuesday. Had a wonderful time. Stopped over in Chicago for pride. The Second Annual US Social Forum was impressive in the many diverse workshops and plenaries that were hosted. I sat in on some very interesting ones as well as delivered my talk at the Southern CCDS workshop. Detroit is a great town and the media does it no justice. The very first workshop I sat in on was on the urban garden movement in detroit--a great bunch of dedicated activists working towards revitalizing the city-and connected to a national and international movement. I saw Rosa Clemente...met Medea Benjamin...reconnected with Colonel Ann Wright..and went to Grace Lee Boggs' birthday party.Had lunch with my cousin Betty and dinner with my cousin Nikki...and had a great time with Myron, Myron Jr., Al, and Wanda. Thanks Detroit! pictures and video to come.

The Best Version of this Song By Abbey Lincoln On Youtube