Saturday, October 11, 2008

Depression Era Songs (For Your Entertainment)

It was a lucky April shower
It was the most convenient door
I found a million dollar baby in the five and ten cent store.
The rain continued for an hour
I hung around for three or four
Around a million dollar baby at the five and ten cent store.
She was selling china and when she made those eyes
I kept buying china til the crowd got wise.
Incident'lly, if you should run into a shower,
just step inside my cottage door
and meet the million dollar baby at the five and ten cent store.
I love Rachel Maddow.

Anti-Arabism on the McCain Trail

John McCain defended Barack Obama calling him a "decent person" after some woman called him an arab. Cleanse the temple jesus. Cleanse the temple.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

9 percent of Americans like the direction in which this country is headed?! Goddamn! I thought Diane Sawyer was talking about Obama's lead in the polls!

Important Listening

Listen to Jimmy Baldwin this morning--especially his talk at Berekely High School in 1974.