Saturday, November 11, 2006

Mildred's Question

We had a great CCDS meeting today. I always enjoy CCDS--a great group of people and a wonderful gathering of progressive voices. Mildred posed a question in her discussion that I think is absolutely vital and is one that should be key and at the forefront in any consideration of politics. Her question was "Is the Entire Human Race being treated equally?" The answer to that question is the key to solving a lot of the world's problems.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Beheading George Washington and the Single Dollar Bill

I found this story eeriely funny.

Further Musings Related

At one point, stemming from the 18th to the 19th centuries in Europe, and especially among the Sepharadi, there was quite a movement to assimilate into mass and mainstream European culture--quite literally--with the one of the main themes floating around being that the efforts of the Jewish people should be to secure as many mixed marriages between gentiles and Jews as possible--and to secure a place for them amongst the englightnened, savoir faire classes of Europe. There was much the same trend in Japan as well in the 19th Century, where it was highly prised for Japanese people to secure marriages with white men from the west and produce mulatto children and bring a greater civilization to the race...oh what trends...that still need to end.
I just saw the Prime Minister of Israel on the Today Show demonizing the Palestinian people and spewing the same old filth of Zionism. It saddens me so to see Israel as it is. Since Theodor Herzl, and perhaps and most probably before, there has been that main trend that have lost all vertebrae along its spine and whose sole modus operandi have been to kiss as much white ass as possible. Horrd and horrid, and what is worse is that they themselves have become what their European/American lords and benefactors were-conquistadors, rapists, pillagers, patriarchal, teutonic assholes. You better try and maintain your integrity instead of trying to jump in the bed with the people you think have power. You can and will go straight to hell right along with them suffering the same fate.... I for one will absolutely not sit by and support Israel while they are trying to act like white men and Teutonic Heroes....they can and should be castrated too!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

For Donald Rumsfeld and Co, George Bush and all the Others

Straight From Nina Simone

Now if your mind lies in the devils' workshop
And evil doing's your thrill
And trouble and mischief is all you live for
You know darn well that
That you'll go to the hell
That you'll go to the hell

So you're living high and migthy
Rich off the fat of the land
Just don't dispose of your natural soul
Cos you know darn well
That you'll go to the hell
That you'll go to the hell

Say hell where your natural soul burns
Hell where you pay for your sins
Hell keep your children from wrong doing
Cos you know darn well
That they'll go to the hell
That they'll go to the hell

I say hell man and woman were created
Hell to live for ethernity
Hell but an apple they ate from the tree of hate
So you know darn well
That they went to the hell
They went to the hell

Now Satan was an angel in Heaven
But he stirred up trouble and woe
So the Lord commanded the devil be branded
So you know darn well he went to the hell
Yeah he went to hell
Yeah he went to hell
He went to hell
I have been absent from the scene since this past weekend. We buried Voncile. It was a sombre occassion. I will write about it more later. There are a million things floating through my mind. Oh God, what is life?

Donald Rumsfeld Resigns!!!

I feel like Lee Remick after Amy Irving won in The Competition! YES!!!!