Friday, October 17, 2008

Republican Efforts to Supress Voting

Watch these people like hawks and make sure they honor your right to vote!

Great Article By Campbell Brown

Instead of campaign ads, give money to a food bank.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Troy Anthony Davis

Body: see the following actions. Wea re asking all organizations to do whatever they can and make contacts with whomever they can to bring more attention to the injustice of Troy Davis and the courts refusal to do anything in this case.

The gloves are off people , we are asking any and all organizations to do whatever they can, demonstrations, rallies, marches, sit-ins, all out media blitz, we need to condemn the US Supreme Court and the Georgia Supreme Court, we are want to go back to faxes letters to the US Attorney's office to investigate the prosecutor in Chatham County.

The ask Investigate prosecutorial misconduct of Spencer Lawton in Chatham County in the Troy Davis death penalty case. Spencer Lawton's record is riddled with prosecutorial misconduct and 4 exonerations, 2 death penalty exonerations. To open the case of Troy Davis.

The United States Attorney's Office
NAHMIAS US Attorney General

Richard B.
Russell Federal Building
75 Spring Street, S.W.

Suite 600
Atlanta, GA 30303-3309

Tel: 404.581.
Fax: 404.581.

2. The ask of the White House Presidential Pardon and ask they look into the case, demand the Parole Board Reconsider Clemency. We understand this is a state case but a federal law is what has hindered the new evidence from being heard. Anti-terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act signed into law by Bill Clinton in 1996.

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Phone Numbers

Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414
FAX: 202-456-2461


Comments: 202-456-6213
Visitors Office: 202-456-2121

Please send your comments to Due to the large volume of e-mail received, the White House cannot respond to every message. For further up-to-date information on Presidential initiatives, current events, and topics of interest to you, please continue to use the White House website.

Note: Please submit messages in text format only. This inbox is unable to receive e-mails that contain graphics or attachments. After it arrives, you will receive an e-mail confirmation indicating successful delivery.

Vice President Richard Cheney:

The ask of the White House Presidential Pardon and ask they look into the case, suggest Clemency to Parole Board.

3. Fax Directly to the Georgia Parole Board Demand reconsideration based on 6 eyewitnesses and 2 additional witnesses.The Parole board is made of police and prosecutors, this case is about police and prosecutors.

4. Send op-eds to : Mrs. Cynthia Tucker at the Atlanta Journal Constitution is currently soliciting letters from the public about Troy. She can be reached at:

5. Ask the Ga.
Attorney General to ask the Parole Board to reconsider

Thurbert E.
Attorney General of Georgia
Phone: 404-656-3300
FAX: 404-657-8733

Thurber Baker Office of the Attorney General 40 Capitol Square, SW Atlanta, Ga 30334 Phone: (404) 656-3300 Fax: (404) 657-8733


See below Amnesty Actions

An execution warrant has now been issued for Troy Davis - commencing on October 27. The exact date of his execution will be set shortly, but will likely the 27th (the warrant lasts for one week, and the date is generally set for the first day of the warrant period).

For those who didn't receive it, please see below for the email that went out to thousands of on-line activists yesterday regarding the recent updates on the Troy Davis case. Feel free to forward to your networks. There are currently 4 actions that people can take - 3 you see in the email below, plus a Global Day of Action on October 23rd.

Write the Georgia Board of Pardon and Paroles and ask them to reconsider their decision and grant clemency (the on-line action is still up on the website).

Help spread the word on Troy's case by forwarding this information to friends, family and fellow activists, as well as by text messaging TROY to 90999.

Write a letter to the editor. A one page guide is attached, as well as linked to in the email below.

Participate in the Global Day of Action for Troy Davis on October 23. There will be a large rally at the state capitol in Atlanta, GA on this day, and we are encouraging supporters around the world to hold rallies, vigils or actions on this day in solidarity. A one page guide is attached, and more information will be up on the website shortly. Some groups are already planning events for days other than the 23rd, and that is just fine. Whatever people can do, whenever they can do it, is greatly encouraged.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to keep me informed of anything being planed:

As I said, all of this information will soon be completely up to date on the website www. amnestyusa. org/troydavis.

Jessie Cohn
Death Penalty Abolition Campaign
Amnesty International USA
(202) 544-0200 ext.

Abolish it!
It was 2003 and I was soo excited. Rebecca and I gussied up and made our way to the Rosa Parks Museum to see Gloria Steinem speak and recieve the Women of Courage Award. At the after party I was standing three feet away from this demure, petite woman who resonated so much power and commanded the attention of the room. I was absolutely awed.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

William F. Buckley is Turning In His Grave..Haha! Gore Vidal Won!

Not only did he outlive the son of a bitch-- but Christopher Buckley is backing Obama-- a liberal democrat!

Monday, October 13, 2008

The world economy is now the sick man of Europe-being propped up by vested interests.

T.I. is HOT

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jhud's duet with Fantasia is great!

From Don Siegelman

Dear Brandon,

I am Don Siegelman, a Democrat and I served as the Governor of Alabama until Karl Rove targeted me in a political prosecution. My story, as described in CBS’s 60 Minutes is just one example of how Karl Rove subverted our Constitution and corrupted the integrity of the Justice Department.

I was convicted of something that The New York Times said,”… has never been a crime.” A former Republican Attorney General of Arizona said on CBS’s 60 Minutes, that “they couldn’t beat Siegelman fair and square so they targeted him with this prosecution.” I was THE blue dot in a red state that became Karl Rove’s target.

My investigation was started by Karl Rove’s client, the Alabama Attorney General, and I was brought to trial one month before the election, by a U S Attorney who was the wife of my Republican opponent’s campaign manager- a thirty year friend and political associate of Rove’s. After the trial, a Republican lawyer gave sworn testimony to the House Judiciary Committee that Karl Rove was directing the DOJ to prosecute me.

My sentence was enhanced for speaking out against the political nature of the prosecution. Handcuffed and shackled, I was immediately removed from the courtroom and taken to a maximum security prison where I was put into solitary confinement.

Nine months later, I was released in an extraordinary ruling of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals saying there are “substantial questions of law and fact likely to result in reversal”.

Robert Wexler called for an investigation into my case, and has stood firm against those who prefer to run out the clock, and let those who committed the real crimes get off the hook. No one has fought harder for me or for bringing Karl Rove to justice than Robert Wexler.

But this fight is not about me, it’s about our country, restoring the law, and bringing Karl Rove to justice.

Robert Wexler has shown that strong Congressional leadership is our best insurance against the abuse of power that Karl Rove has waged against the American People.

Now it’s up to us to continue this fight for justice and to restore our democracy.

Now, we must fight for Robert Wexler. Please help me keep him in office by contributing to his campaign.

We must send a message that it is un-American to have US Attorneys targeting people because of their party affiliation. If they can bring a Governor down, they can do it to you or a member of your family.

We must also send a message to Robert Wexler's challengers: “We will not let you will not remove our allies in Congress who stand with us in this fight against the subversion of our democracy.”

Please help Robert Wexler push back against his self-funded challengers.

If you are angry at what this administration has done to America and if you share my disappointment at the passiveness of some Members of our Democratic Congress, then we must reward and defend those, like Robert Wexler, who has never quit fighting on our behalf.

Click here to show the rest of Congress we will support those who support our ideals.

The tough work is left to be done. We must continue to fight until Karl Rove and others have been held accountable. It is now time for Rove and the others who abused power and used the DOJ as a political weapon to be brought to justice.

With your help, we can be certain Robert Wexler will be standing with us when we win our victory and return America to its best ideals.

Now it’s time for us to take action. We have to ensure that Robert Wexler has the money to win re-election.

Please join me in donating now.

With every best wish, I am sincerely,

Don Siegelman

P.S. For more information on my case, go to
If John McCain wanted someone to wink and charm the crowds, he should have chosen Shirley Temple!

The Greatest American

Eleanor Roosevelt: First Lady, author of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, Humanitarian, and champion of the people of the world. A citizen of the world.