Thursday, June 19, 2008

Michelle Obama On The View

Michelle was fierce! I thought it was a wonderful hour on the view!

I Also Wrote a Poem

City lights
in the tropics
create canopies with the tops of trees.


Today I let the spirit lead me and I have a beautiful day. I had an ok lunch then went to the mall and walked around for a little. Then once I got back downtown, I went to the top of the hotel and had one of those magnificent nonalcoholic orange drinks that fabulous bartender made for me the past few days(so light, so cool, so refreshing). I had fabulous company and talked a while. After class was over, I ventured back over to the hotel for some very nice live jazz in the coolness of the summer evening. Very nice. On the way home they dedicated an entire hour to Nina Simone in a jazz profile on the radio and I was done for the whole night--and they changed the lyrics to Why(The King of Love is Dead)? because Nina is still too hot for radio!! And on the way home there was a big luscious beautiful moon out and about...and I soaked it in. Then I found a magazine that had a definition of happiness in it...and I am adding it to my vision board... As I had to stop somewhere for a certain purpose...I walked into a private room with a piano and found a beautiful Black man playing a magnificent piano. I flirted a bit and we exchanged numbers.....then they crowned off the evening with Abbey Lincoln and I was in sheer heaven....and after that a bit of Dianne Reeves....beautiful blessed night...thanks...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Climate Change(For Katrina): A Poem I Wrote and Discovered in My Diary on a Napkin

the wheat brittle, dead
and unfit to eat
drought that leaves
a lump in your throat
unable to swallow
rattles around
in your throat
threatens to
swallow your tongue
drought that leaves bodies
in the street
surrounded by flies
the stench
annihilating humanity

Barbra Endorses Barack!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Message From Elaine Brown

My dear Sisters and Brothers,

Help us FREE CHIP FITZGERALD! Chip has been in prison for over 38 years now! He will go before the California Board of Parole Hearings on July 2, 2008.

Chip was a member of the Southern California Chapter of the Black Panther Party in 1969 when he was shot and wounded by police.—This was the year the FBI pledged to wipe out the Party, the year the Party’s L.A. office was assaulted for over five hours by several hundred members of the LAPD’s new SWAT Team, the year so many Party members were killed by police, including Walter TourĂ© Pope and Fred Hampton.—Over a week later, Chip was arrested and charged with assault on police and the murder of a security guard. He was sentenced to death. When the death penalty was outlawed in California, his sentence was commuted to life with the possibility of parole.

Chip continues to believe in the struggle for the liberation of all oppressed people, and, despite the hardship of all these years of incarceration, heroically recognizes that his captivity is the result of his dedication and commitment to that struggle, a result we welcomed when we dedicated our lives to the Party and the Struggle.

On behalf of the Committee to Free Chip Fitzgerald, I’m asking you to sign our online Petition to the California Board of Parole Hearings advocating for Chip’s parole.
The Petition can be easily accessed on our website: www. freechip. org.

And, I’m asking you to pass it on, send out this message to every single person and organization you know, to all your email lists, urging everyone to sign the Petition and pass it on to their contacts! We want 100,000 signatures by June 30, 2008!

With love for the People,

Elaine Brown
The US is looking for war with Iran.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Something I Just Thought About

I was replying to a post someone left me, in which we were dialoguing on the soul death of America. In my reply I mentioned that Martin Luther King warned about the spiritual death of America. It then struck me, isn't that what empires do as some sort of ritual? They assassinate prophets and then canonize them....the Romans did it with Jesus, America did it with King. It doesn't lead to any victory though, empires die nonetheless. It is an interesting observation however.

My Two Men

After talking with my friend Shannon and watching Friday's Oprah on the Laws of Attraction, I am making a vision board. As far as men are concerned, the two most beautiful men in the world to me are John Legend and Kanye West(in no particular order). Can I have them both at the same time?

The Mourning of Tim Russert

Sunday Mornings will never be the same again without Tim Russert. The political world and this upcoming election season will be changed. I don't know who will carry the flame he lit. His death only goes to show that certainly uncertainty is the ruling principle in all our lives. One never knows what will happen or even exactly what is taking place.