Saturday, September 20, 2008

From Barbra

The Country Can't Afford to Elect John McCain
We are in the worst financial crisis this country has faced in modern times. During these eight long years of Republican control, we have seen runaway greed, the deregulation of financial institutions and the mismanagement of the housing market resulting in the skyrocketing number of home foreclosures. This has led to a disastrous unraveling of the U.S. economy. We can’t continue with four more years of the irresponsible practices and policies of the Bush Administration.

The country can't afford to elect John McCain! In his own words he admitted that he didn't know much about the economy. The day the stock market plunged 504 points, McCain agreed with President Bush that "the fundamentals of the economy are strong." For 26 years in Washington, McCain has supported deregulation of the financial sector. He even chose Phil Gramm, a key player in the mortgage crisis, to be his chief economic adviser before the former Texas senator resigned in disgrace. With this type of judgment, who would be Treasury secretary in a McCain administration?

McCain has illustrated his lack of judgment time and time again. Not only did he pick an unqualified running mate, but he supported the Bush Doctrine, this preemptive, unnecessary war in Iraq, a war that Barack Obama was against from the beginning. Five years later, the war continues, costing the American public $435 million a day…money that is desperately needed here at home.

So, as the war wages on and the economy continues to falter, as the government spends billions bailing out companies from bankruptcy, who is left to pay the bill? The American taxpayers…the people who are working harder for less and are watching their 401K, pensions and life savings disappear. Barack Obama is fighting for these people.

We need a President Obama, a man of intelligence, integrity and vision, to end the war, to lift us out of this economic storm, and to lead this country back on the road to prosperity.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Do NOT vote for Ralph Nader. Vote for Cynthia Mckinney if not Barack Obama!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Republicans Plan to Disenfranchise--From Color of Change

It's the ugliest attack on voting rights we've seen in recent history --if you live in Michigan and you're in danger of losing your home to foreclosure, Republicans will try to take away your right to vote.1

McCain's response? Silence. Like Bush in 2000 and 2004, he's trying to keep a safe distance from these tactics, while benefiting from them. McCain could end this with a phone call. But he won't.

It's voter-suppression at its worst. They're taking advantage of folks falling on hard times and using it for political gain--kicking people while they're down. It's time to hold McCain publicly accountable for this strategy.

Will you join us in outing McCain for not denouncing these tactics and invite your friends and family to do the same? It just takes a moment:

For years, Republicans have engaged in "caging"--challenging the eligibility of voters on election day to suppress turnout and intimidate voters. 2 They'll often try to reject voters by claiming they don't live at the address where they're registered. This year, they've taken it to a new low--the chairman of the Republican Party in Macomb County, Michigan said last week, "We will have a list of foreclosed homes and will make sure people aren't voting from those addresses." 3

In other words, they'll target every voter whose house is on a foreclosure list, and challenge their voting rights on election day. But just because your name is on a list, it doesn't mean that you've lost your home or moved. In fact, many homeowners stay in their homes for months after the foreclosure process has begun, and some people are able to catch up on their payments and reverse the process.4

So why are Republicans illegally targeting homeowners who've had a tough time under Bush's economy? Because they know they're likely to vote for Democrats, and for Obama for President. In Michigan, over 60% of sub-prime loans were made to African-Americans. 5 And in general, people who've been hit hard by the economy are less likely to vote for Republicans. This tactic won't just affect struggling homeowners--it will cause longer lines and delays at the polls for everyone that lives in a neighborhood with a high number of foreclosures. And that's the point.

After making the plan public, Michigan Republicans are backtracking and claiming they were misquoted.6 But everything indicates that these are exactly the kinds of tactics they'll use,7 and they're just trying to squash an embarrassing story.8

Similar tactics are being used across the country, but the McCain campaign simply sits in the background, quietly benefiting from voter suppression. The Obama campaign is fighting against this plan in the courts, 9 but they need our help to expose these dishonorable tactics and make this a national story.

If enough of us step up and connect the dots, we'll give the press a reason to make the connection between McCain and what's happening in Michigan. And as we've seen in our other campaigns,10 when we stand together behind a clear message, the press covers it and moves our message forward.

Calling on McCain to publicly reject these tactics is just the first step in our campaign to shame the Republican Party for attacking the voting rights of struggling homeowners.

Please join us:

Thanks and Peace,

-- James, Gabriel, Clarissa, Andre, Kai, and the rest of the team
September 17th, 2008

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Read .here of the efforts of the people of Washington D.C. to gain suffrage and a voice in Congress. Read here about Darris Dawson, killed in Iraq.

Foreclosure Disenfranchisement

How can they disenfranchise people because their homes are in foreclosure?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I was just watching The Josephine Baker Story and was thinking to myself how fabulous it must be to wake up every morning to the sound of an imam praying so that all the city can hear.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why won't they let Martha Stewart into England?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Good Lovin'

Patti Labelle

I sure don't mind givin you good lovin' baby
You know I don't mind givin you good lovin' baby

You love me unlike any love I've ever known
I really do appreciate it baby
The way you call my name sweet baby
Ev'ry little touch, every little kiss
I never felt as good as this
So anytime you call me baby
I'll be there to give you what you need

I sure don't mind givin you good lovin' baby
Anytime you want me baby
I'll be there to give you what you need
You know I don't mind givin you good lovin' baby
Anytime you need me sugar
Satisfaction guaranteed

I'm feelin you, and I really wanna let you know
You can have what you want anytime you want me
No matter what it is anything just ask me
Everytime we touch, everytime we kiss
Wanna give you more of this
So just call me baby
I'll be there to give you what you need boy


I won't hesitate no,
You know that I'm here for you baby
Cause the love you give to me
Makes it so easy to return
That's why I don't mind

I sure don't mind givin you good lovin' everyday
I sure don't mind givin you good lovin' baby
I sure don't mind givin you good lovin' baby
No matter what you want, any time you want me
No matter what it is, anything just ask me
You know I don't mind givin you goood lovin' baby
No matter what you want, any time you want me
No matter what it is, anything just ask me...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I think Anderson Cooper is gay.
I think Anderson Cooper is gay.
Blair Underwood is fucking hot....I don't mind Gabriel Byrne either...
I just saw Things We Lost In The Fire. What a beautiful film! Halle Berry is a magnificent lady.
I am a dancer
and I'll kick my
long legs high into the
air and move about my joints moving to
the rhythm of the music as I
weave together a tapestry
from the notes I hear floating in the air