Wednesday, August 16, 2006


The power structure says at this time that there is no need for Feminism, Affirmative Action, Social Welfare, or Hate Crime legislation. Everybody is equal. We’re forty years past the Civil Rights Era. That solved every question, all of the problems, right? So, now is the time to be quiet, to keep your mouth shut and support your nation. Time to site around the table of “brotherhood” with your mouth shut and your hands in your lap attentively listening to the banter of your great white “brother.” You put on your fine, pressed suit and show your face, give an appearance of unity, but don’t let yourself be heard. It is not necessary and above all, its disloyal. You’ll be a troublemaker. You won’t fit in. You’ll disturb their peace and unity. Peace and unity, loyalty—what kind of words are these?

The vernacular of the Big Brother is demeaning, patronizing, and obliges “the rest of us” to take guarded steps and to always walk with a guardian, a protector, someone to watch over you. You are not capable of going out alone. It is phallocentrism in its newest form. “Brother”-hood. At present, this brother of ours is trying to scare us into submission=with terror alerts and links between bad boys-a group of which he interestingly leaves himself out He fails to mention that he once was in cahoots with this group that he now demonizes. Brother doesn’t mention that before Saddam and Osama became enemies numbers one and two, before they were the forces of evil, that both were on the payroll of the United States government, that Bin Laden, presumably the devil himself, was given money and other forms of aide to wage war against the Russians.

And so now we are supposed to ignore these facts and turn our attention away from matters of equality, humanity, economic security, and the protection of our basic civil and human rights and rally around the presidential agenda, with our mouths shut. It is the highest form of fascism when one is bid to silence one’s own voice in support of the “common good.” The effect is to negate the human dignity of a nation’s citizenry. To comply is to trap one’s own soul in a cage. The only solution is to eradicate this system.

Whenever there is a system that operates in such a manner that it becomes fascist and the society becomes so closed to dissent that it is equaled with treason, the blood has stopped flowing and it is time to abolish the system. In order to live, every branch of the body and of the human system must function and a system cannot function when the flow of ideas and creativity stop circulating.

Furthermore, in the preservation of one of our basic human rights, we cannot afford to let anyone; especially a government, stop our voices from flowing in order to galvanize public opinion or to wield the mask of national unity.

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