Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Morgan Goodson and John Archie deramus

In my previous post I did not refer to Morgan Goodson as Mr. Morgan Goodson. This is because I don't think of him as such and I dont think he would have been addressed as such. He was simply, Morgan Goodson. A name that inspired reverence.Whereas Morgan Goodson was a fiery,stubborn, argumentative man who could raise hell till the sun came up and went down the next day, John Archie Deramus was a very soft-spoken man, renowned for being good and next to god, compassionate, and with a deep rooted integrity and sense of right. Morgan also had a sense of right, and in his way was next to god(they say he told wthe exact hour when he was going to die and that he could predict the future). Both were stern and set upon keeping to the path of righteousness. They differed, however, in temperament. Both were beautiful men. Sadie Mae Goodson Deramus, Morgan's daughter, however, inherited her fathers traits(as did most of the goodsons to my knowledge). I was told that sometimes she would just start to fuss and argue and would carry on for a very long time until John Archie, who was usually sitting by her or something to that effect, would say in his soft, guttural voice" alright Sadie, thats enough." She would then quiet down. John Archie himself had to be honed in however. They say when he first married my great grandmother, that he had some very backwards and faulty ideas that he had to be corrected of. He was somewhat superstitious for one, which my great grandmother corrrected him from(she reportedly said that they might have thought her father was a soothsayer, but she knew he was nothing but a man). he also apparently thoguht she should do what he told her to. On one occassion, when they had first married, he told he r to do something and she didnt get up and do it right when he asked her to. After a while, he came by and saw that she hadn't done it, so he hit her. They say my great grandmother picked up astick the size of a log and laid him out cold. She got so scared she ran down the road to call for his sister. His sister , Mattie(who was also married to a John) said to her, "Sadie, you hit your John?! I'd never hit my John." My great grandmother reportedly replied, " I will not only hit my John, I will kill my john." That was the end of that.

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