Tuesday, September 19, 2006

On Cornel West

People enter into academia for one of two reasons-- to explore and create
intellectual dialogue or to assimilate into the power structure. The great
thoughts that are found coming from the words of people like bell hooks and
Cornel West, who represent the intellectual academe and the celebrity of
academia,help to shape at least part of the dialogue that can be found on the
national and international scene. These individuals have sharpened their voices
in order to render messages to the masses that are meant to help bring about
profound and fundamental change in humanity and the way in which the world
operates. These figures use the stepping stool of the academy to buffer their
entrance into the realm of public influence.When Cornel West is called a public
intellectual, this means that his scholarship is geared towards enriching
humanity and making better the conditions under which people are forced to
exist.In that light, people such as bell hooks and Cornel West serve as the
conscience of the nation,constantly reminding them of their humanity and their
responsibilities to it.

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