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11th Radical Progressive Carnival

Welcome to the 11th Radical Progressive Carnival! There are a variety of intellectual offerings to be sampled today. Our first worthy consideration is a very succinct academic essay on modern anarchism written by Richard Adams-Blackburn over at Anarchist Philosophy Blog. Adam smoothly lays out the principles of anarchism and discusses the anarchist take on U.S. Foreign policy, education, and the criminal justice system.

David Gross over at The Picket Line offers us three posts. The first is an updated guide to tax resistance from the National War Tax Resister's Coordinating Committee. Gross urges everyone to use tax resistance as a way of protest against the war and provides this simple guide as to how it can be accomplished. Gross outlines the pamphlet in this post and provides links to the National War Tax Resister's Coordinating Committee website. In the second post, Gross reviews Bill Kaufman's book, Look Homeward, America: In Search of Reactionary Radicals and Front Porch Anarchists. This seems to be an intriguing book that discusses the politics of figures such as Dorothy Day and Eldridge Cleaver. In this book, Kaufman seems to make a connection between anarchism, Jeffersonian democracy,and the traditions of such figures as Mother Jones, Robert La Follette,and John Brown. Kaufman expresses his desire to always vote for the "loser" whether it be Al Sharpton or Ralph Nader. This seems to be an interesting look at American politics and should be an interesting read. Gross' thirdoffering is an interesting analysis of Thoreau's development as a pacifist and the journey he took from a fascination with militarism and violence to his total identification as a pacifist.

Daddy Dialectic's post The Us vs. THe Rest of the Post-Industrial World provides the conclusions of a study done by the Council on Contemporary families, discussing the U.S. rankings in relation to other developed nations in regards to creating family-friendly work policies. Interesting material there; it would be interesting to put this up against other measures of U.S. society such as child poverty,the economic stability of U.S. households, and gender equality in the workplace. Save the Ribble provides us with analysis of the ongoing struggle of Riverworks to preserve their urban environment against propoerty developers looking to make profits. This is an interesting read and definitely an issue worth watching as it develops over at Save the Ribble.

Mad Kane offers us two limericks, "Truth on the Lam," and "Bellicose Bush." The first relates to Orrin Hatch's shady involvement in the firing of the U.S Attorneys General and the smear campaign that he conducted against U.S. Attorney, Carol Lam. The second sums up Bush's modus operandi as being "If you can't solve a problem, make it bigger." She has a wicked sense of humor. Great stuff.

The Largest Minority gives us Youtube footage of the March 17th anti-war march in L.A. Interesting account of the march and a new concept to me, phone blogging. Lastly, Humantide tells us of the German Trade Unionist call for massive mobilization against the G^ summit. This seems to be a manifesto, signed by various signatories. Also provided is an itinerary of planned events which I shall include here:

Action timetable against g8
Thuesday, 1st of May:
Revolutionary 1st of May Manifestations in different cities.

from 26th of May:
Convergence Center in Hamburg, eventually in Berlin too

Beginning of June:
"Block Germany", Decentralized Blockades all over Germany

Friday, 1st of June:
Opening of the Mediacenter in Rostock
Occupation of the "Bombodrom"
Camp und start of the caravan to Heiligendamm

Saturday, 2nd June:
Mass demonstration in the city of Rostock, near Central Railway Station
Start of the Camp against G8
Internationalist Conference in Rostock

Sunday, 3th of June:
Actionday in Rostock,
Internationalist Conference in Rostock

Mondy, 4th of June:
Actionday against War and Rascism
Camp against G8

Thuesday, 5th of June:
Actionday agsainst war / eventually blockade of the airport in Rostock-Laage
Start of the Counter-Summit in Rostock
Camp against G8

Wednesday, 6th of June:
1st Day of the G8-Summit, Blockade-Day in different Areas
Counter-Summit in Rostock
Camp against G8

Thursday, 7th of June:
G8-Summit, 2nd day in Heiligendamm
Counter-Summit in Rostock
Camp against G8
Blockade-Actions / March from different small local cities to Heiligendamm
End Manifestation

Friday, 8th of June:
G8-Summit, 3rd Day
End of the Camp against G8

This edition's contributions, with its wide range of topics, should be rich fodder for blog readers. I hope you enjoy!

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