Monday, October 15, 2007

On Bill Cosby and His New Book

Bill Cosby, in his declining years and now that he has become an elder statesmen, wants to speak profoundly about Black people and to Black people. The only trouble is, what he is saying is bullshit, and I am sure he doesnt even recognize it. Bill Cosby and Allen Toussiant, in their new book, call on "Black men to take up their responsibility." Calling on patriarchy. You see, white people didn't suck patriarchy out of their thumbs....also, American Blacks learned too well from their great white fathers. Instead of talking about Black youths pulling up their clothes, Bill Cosby should have been in Vieques getting arrested with Jesse Jackson and other people of Conscience. To get back to the point, however, and to address Bill Cosby's statements--while I do believe that every one should be a responsible parent(if they are parents), there is absolutely nothing wrong with single-mother households. There is nothing wrong with women heading their own households, with them choosing or simply just being successful at running their own households.

The problem with men like Bill Cosby(and other people who think like him) they speak about single-mothers and the reality of being a single-mother as if it is a disease. Instead of asking men to go "retake their places in the household" why not work to restructure an economy that puts female-headed households at a an economic and political disadvantage? Why not end male privilege and eradicate patriarchy? Just the same, instead of a constant harangue against poor blacks about the way they talk, dress, and fail to live up to white male capitalist patriarchal standards, why not eradicate white male capitalist patriarchy? I heard Bill Cosby say something to the effect that "yes, there is racial discrimination in this country, but there was racial discrimination in the forties and fifties as well." We don't want a return to the 40s and 50s, when they killed Emmett Till and when they lynched so many Black men just coming home from WWII and Korea, some still wearing their uniforms. The next time that happens, we will be cutting somebody's penis off. We want progress and we demand an end to the bullshit.

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