Friday, November 02, 2007

Stop the Muckasey Nomination

Act today to rescue the Constitution and oppose the nomination of Michael Mukasey as Attorney General! The Bush administration has been shredding our Constitution from day one. Watch a new video by CCR that illustrates the damage done to our most basic rights.

Watch the video:
Write a letter to your Senator:

President Bush's nominee for Attorney General, Michael Mukasey, supports torture, illegal spying on Americans and limitless powers for the Executive Branch. Mukasey must not be confirmed as Attorney General. We need you to write your Senators today to stop his nomination.

Mukasey, during his Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings, refused to denounce waterboarding and wouldn't even acknowledge that waterboarding is torture unless he knows "the actual facts and circumstances" of its use. The "facts and circumstances" of water-boarding are quite straightforward - a person is brought repeatedly to the edge of drowning until they are inhaling water and certain they will die. Waterboarding is torture.

Mukasey believes the President's powers as Commander-in-Chief give him the right to spy on Americans without any oversight and the right to act above the law. He believes we should create a special new 'national security court' with separate rules and procedures and that the racial profiling of Arab and Muslim men post-9/11 was entirely justified and violated no laws.

CCR represents people who were tortured by the U.S., Americans who were illegally spied upon, and men who have been locked up for six years at Guantanamo without a fair hearing before a real court. We know what happens when politicians play politics at the expense of human beings. Mukasey represents business as usual for the Bush administration.

If his nomination leaves the Senate Judiciary Committee and reaches the full Senate floor, your Senator must vote NO on Mukasey. We need you to write a letter today and tell your Senator that Mukasey must not be the next Attorney General.

We must not have another Attorney General who refuses to say that torture is torture. The American public must demand an Attorney General who will uphold the Constitution.

Join us today to help stop the Mukasey nomination and rescue the Constitution!

Vincent Warren
CCR Executive Director

P.S. - Please watch our new video and forward it far and wide. The more people see what the Bush administration is doing to the Constitution in our name, the better chance we have of stopping them.

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