Monday, January 07, 2008

Music Royalty

Since the dawn of American entertainment, highly accomplished muscians, singers, and other entertainers have been given monikers that distinguish them from the rest in their fields. There is of course,Duke Ellington, "the Duke," Count Basie," Bessie Smith, who was the Empress of the Blues, Mamie Smith who was the Queen of the Blues, Ella Fitzgerald, the First Lady of Song, Billie Holiday, who of course was Lady Day and who of course is regarded as the finest jazz vocalist of all time. There was Sarah Vaughan who was "The Divine One" and Dinah Washington was also known as "The Queen of the Blues." There are some today who have given themselves or who have recieved titles. In this post, along with paying tribute to other music royalty,I will bestow some titles of my own titles on those I see fit.

Barbra Streisand-- Empress of Pop
Madonna- Princess of Pop
Patti Labelle- Queen of R&B,
Tina Turner-Queen of Rock and Roll
Aretha Franklin- Queen of Soul
Nina Simone- High Priestess of Soul
Abbey Lincoln-First Lady of Jazz
Mary J. Blige-Queen of R&B/HipHop
John Legend-King of Jazz/R&B

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