Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Second Meanest Man in Autauga County

My great-great grandfather Morgan Goodson was known, during his lifetime and after, as the meanest man in Autauga County. The second meanest man, of a younger generation than my great-great grandfather was my great-grandfather's, John Archie Deramus' first cousin, Archie Broadnax. They said one time a white man began bothering him while he was in a store in town. They said Archie pulled out his knife and cut that man everywhere but on the soles of his feet. Whites in town were demanding justice and were wanting to get ahold of him, so Archie took refuge in the swamp. They say the sheriff sent word by his wife telling him that "when he got ready and if he felt like it, he could come down and turn himself in."

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