Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Black Male Sexuality

"Rufus looked up and down the street, then looked into the man's ice-cold, ice-white face. He reminded himself yhe knew the score, he'd been around, netiher was this the first time during his wanderings that he had consented to the bleakly physical exchange ; and yet he felt that he would never be able to endure the toch of this man...." -James Baldwin, Another Country

I am currently rereading Another Country for the first time in about 7 years. This passage stuck to me and really peaked at my curious mind. There is something about black men, especially Black men of pre-1980s generations that is very queer. There is a subtle queerness there that has been untouched by intellectual inquiry. The reading of this passage only triggered these thoughts in me. Alas, I really draw my thoughts from varied Black male sources that I have encountered that lend themselves to this....Richard Pryor..who alludes to his possible bisexuality....Huey Newton...who expressed this as well....in relation to himself and black men of his time and era as well...Malcolm X....who is to have been a favorite at the YMCA during his adolescence and early adulthood.... and this queerness may well be a more immediate cause of such severe homophobia among black men and in the blakc community.I wonder how many Black men born in the first five decades of the twentieth century had homosexual experiences....

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