Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thoughts on Black America

I believe my views on the Afro-american community and its dilemmas are closer to Bill Cosby's and Oprah's than I first imagined...although I do disagree with some things which they have purported and the ways in which they address certain issues. I do believe that the value system of the Black underclass is off....but so is that of the Black middle class and indeed all strata of Afro-American society....we have pimps and thugs who are darker imitations of cowboys and recreations of 1980s Ronald Reagan well do we have Blacks who will sell their very souls for dollars, cents,fur coats and middle class comforts.... I do believe that it is wrong to pick on the black underclass....though I do believe we must hold them responsible for their own lives. I do believe in personal responsibility....this I agree with.I do believe, however, that we have to reshape this society--American society as a whole as well as Afro-American society in particular-at all levels.

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