Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I recieved Barack Obama's Dreams of My Father for my birthday and tonight I have delved into it, reaching the part where his father returns to Hawaii to visit him. This incredible, compelling story inspired me to seek out the faces of the characters being discussed...his stepfather, Lolo, his father, Barack, and also his mother. My quest to see pictures of Obama's family, took me to a family photo of he, his mother, sister, and stepfather. Looking at it, I was struck by his mother's image. What incredible strength,independence, integrity, and humanity. It inspired me to write a poem.

Rockstar Mother
radical and free
transcending boundaries
reaching through the layers to find love
mother goddess lion
shielding her cubs
touching their dusty faces
to wipe away tears
to comfort
to show love
and teach them how to live
with love and compassion
to grow strong and proud
to live with values
human values
child-like eyes gazing upward
into her sweetly smiling face
knowing love and guidance
in this incredible, awesome

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chella said...

impressed with the family picture & your sensitive response to obama's mother. thanks, chella