Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thirteenth Radical Progressive Carnival

A long delayed thirteenth edition of the Radical Progressive Carnival is now being posted. I don't think I need to give much explanation for its tardiness. I think everyone can afford a bit of wiggle room at present. I hope the selections here are thought-provoking and engaging. Firstly, we have two very engaging essays from GrrlScientist. The first is a very thoughtful analysis of poverty and definitions of poverty in the United States. This essay yields some very astute assessments and observations of realities concerning American culture and the American economy. The second is a look at how Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale almost made a leap from fiction to reality under the Bush administration with their draconian policies on women's access to proper healthcare and information.

David Gross over at The Picket Line offers up an account of how one gay man has begun using tax resistance as a form of protest against the government's refusal to recognize his marriage. Derreck over at I Will Not Die, offers a very astute
Guide for Increasing Your Creativity. It is definitely worth a read.

Joseph Orosco over at Engage: Conversation and Philosophy draws a very compelling link between Les Black and his observations of Western Civilization and the current phenomenon of high percentages of work death incidents among Latino workers in the United States.

Proper Australia offers an analysis of the Capital Gains Tax. I really barely undertand what Capital Gains Tax is (tax on wealth right?), but I think some may find this useful.

Feminist Review offers up a great review of Susan Faludi's book,
The Terror Dream and offers some frank discussion concerning the failure of the United States, in terms of it's cultural response and the response of the U.S. Government after 9/11.

In light of Roland Burris' recent dark episode over his ties with Rod Blagojevich, Phil For Humanity's call that vacant senate seats should be filled by the
recently unemployed seems quite a plausible and valid idea.

Praveen Puri over at Tao of Simplicity offers the lesson of the
cracked pot, a great parable that everyone can learn from.

Mad Kane, who always delivers, offers an Alpha-Political Farewell to Bush and Cheney. Finally, on a much more fabulous note(meaning, not dealing with Bush and Cheney), Erika at Visiting Spanish Speaking Countries offers up a guide on
What To Eat In Spain. Spain is definitely on my to go list. I hope I can make use of this list soon! I hope all enjoy this edition of the Radical Progressive Carnival!

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