Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This Mornings News

Kudos and much applause to President Obama for endorsing Stem Cell Research! This will go a long way towards stopping preventable diseases. I cannot believe there are those who can't or who refuse to make the connection between funding stem cell research, providing health-care for all people(healthcare IS a right, not a privilege), and boosting the American economy....Cheers to Obama!....In regards to the story I heard on the Today Show concerning the state of Connecticut planning to strip away financial control over parishes from the Catholic Church, I do believe that is unconstitutional although I applaud the effort. I believe the parishioners themselves should strip the church of financial control. They can set up their own board and refuse to give money to the priests....The big story this morning was Warren Buffett and others' admonishment of Barack Obama and his handling of the economic crisis that the United States is facing. Firstly, Obama inherited this mess from eight years of incompetence. He won't(even though he is brilliant) be fixing this problem in three months time. Secondly, I wholly disagree with Warren Buffett and others for making use of a war analogy to address this problem....that is the problem...this country has been engaged in nonstop warfare for three hundred years...and is no longer the superpower....I applaud Obama for making use of Dr. King's analogy in tackling this difficult and immensely complex problem. Thank you for your wisdom President Obama!

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