Monday, June 14, 2010

Letter from James Carville on the Tea Party Movement

Let Uncle James translate what Tea Party Republicans really mean when they say they want to "take our government back."

Kentucky's Rand Paul opposes the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Nevada's Sharron Angle is itching to dismantle Social Security. And California's Carly Fiorina dismisses climate change concerns as fretting about "the weather."

Look, we've all snickered at some of the kooky ideas these Tea Partiers espouse. But there's nothing funny about the challenge we face. And it certainly doesn't help that corporations now can spend an unlimited amount in support of candidates they like.

We have the power to keep these extremists out of Washington. We only have to seize this moment.

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David Saucedo said...

Mr. Carville,

I have to disagree with you and your ideas on the Tea Party. First of all, I disagree with Rand Paul when he says businesses should have the right to deny services on any basis, even color, but you are wrong to say he opposes the Civil Rights Act. Rand Paul is one that believes the free market should reward or punish businesses that choose to make stupid decisions, like refusing service out of hatred, he never opposed the Civil Rights Act. Secondly, why wouldn't Sharron Angle want to end social security? much The system is a bust because greedy leaders have spent all the money. Our children will be taxed to pay for us, it's not right. END SSI, it makes sense.
As for global warming, it is very much JUST a theory. Recent evidence shows how phony some of the leading research behind this theory turned out to be. The EPA is a corrupted joke and global warming is going to be a hard sale for you buddy. TEA Party American, David Saucedo!