Tuesday, June 01, 2010

This is a White House with Some Backbone

Kudos to the Obama administration for admonishing Israel's actions in this latest round of bloodshed and terror. The White House has signed on to the U.N's condemnation of the deaths that occurred as a result of Israel's version of rough wooing. Although, it definitely does not bite quite as deep into Israel as it could, it is a step and should be applauded.

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Polatik said...

Brandon, I'm curious about how much you know about these ships and where they come from. Are you aware that the backers of three of these ships is a organization called IHH. Here's some info on IHH.

The Danish Institute Study — The Turkish authorities began investigating IHH at least in December 1997, after having received information that senior IHH figures have purchased automatic weapons in the peace process for radical Islamic organizations.

The office of the organization in Istanbul was raided, the activists were arrested there at IHH. During the raid, the Turkish security forces found weapons, explosives, bomb-making instructions and a jihadi flag. An examination of the documents found IHH office indicated that IHH members were planning to take part in jihad activities in Afghanistan, Bosnia, and Chechnya. This wonderful organization that provided three of the ships — that's who they are.

These people want to break this blockade so they will be free to import their terror. Just thought you would like to know this before you jump on board with the Isreal haters.