Monday, July 26, 2010

Congress Can Defund the War

On the House calendar as early as Monday is a vote on a $33 billion supplemental bill to escalate the war in Afghanistan.

The Senate did not accept the House version. The House will now likely vote on the Senate version or something close to it.

(That means a pig with no lipstick, no poison pill with no sugar coating - no funds for teachers or Haiti relief - nothing but pure and simple funding for more war, more killing, more corruption, more war lords and drug peddlers - which equals fewer teachers, less healthcare, no aid to cities and state budgets, no new jobs programs, no infrastructure repair!)

This will likely mean something quite unusual: a straightforward vote in which "yes" means yes (a bigger war), and "no" means NO.

We will now be able to identify clearly and unambiguously the war supporters and war opponents.

Those who vote to fund the escalation will need to be punished and those who vote to stop the funding should be rewarded while they're home for the August recess and again at the polls in November.

And the closer we come to defeating the bill, the more we will have to build on as the peace movement joins with the labor and civil rights movements this fall for a giant march on Washington for jobs, peace and justice on October 2nd (with satellite demonstrations in San Francisco, Phoenix and New Orleans).

Our message is simple:

Vote "NO"

on funding this escalation of war.

Insist on a recorded roll call vote so the public can see who really wants to end the waste of lives and treasure.

Call (866) 261-4755 (toll-free)

or directly to the Congressinal switchboard at


Pull U.S. Troops Out of Pakistan

The House is expected to debate and vote on Tuesday on a privileged resolution (HCR 301) introduced by Congressmen Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul to remove U.S. forces from Pakistan. The resolution directs the President, pursuant to section 5(c) of the War Powers Resolution, to remove the United States Armed Forces from Pakistan. On this one we want to ask for Yes votes.

More info.

This is an important moment to keep calling members of the House of Representatives and to encourage friends, family and your organizations to do so as well.

Call (866) 261-4755 (toll-free) or

directly to the Congressinal switchboard

at 202-224-3121.

Urge your representative

to take the following steps:

* Vote NO on the $33.5 billion Supplemental for war spending.

* Support and vote for HCR 301 to remove all US troops from Pakistan.


Join the newly created Out of Afghanistan Congressional Caucus by contacting Mike Darner in Congressman Conyers' office.

Stop $33 Billion

for War Escalation



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