Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Write For Lynne Stewart

"Dear Friends,

There will be much to do in support of Lynne Stewart in these next months. For the moment, the priority is to see that Lynne is sent to the Federal Corrections Institution for Women in Danbury rather than somewhere in Texas or even further from her family and friends. WRITE TO THE BUREAU OF PRISONS IMMEDIATELY! TURN YOUR PAIN AT LYNNE'S HORRIFIC SENTENCE INTO FIGHTING BACK. THIS IS STEP 1.

We urge you to write to the Bureau of Prisons (see address below) immediately and ask for Lynne to be transferred to the Federal Correctional Institute for female prisoners. Time is of the essence as the Bureau of Prisons is not bound to accept Judge Koeltl's recommendation that Lynne be kept at MCI for 60 days and then be transferred to Danbury. Lynne could be sent elsewhere at any point.


You can explain that Lynne is 70 years old, in remission from breast cancer which could reoccur at any time, and suffering from other serious medical challenges, including high blood pressure and diabetes. It is well-known that health challenges are profoundly affected by the kind of emotional support that only family and close friends can provide. Lynne would surely do much better were she to have access to that kind of support. Given Lynne's serious health problems and her age, there is certainly considerable risk of death in these coming years and moving her away from her family and friends would exacerbate that risk. You can end with "We urge you to offer this minimal humanitarian gesture for this remarkable woman who has served the poor and unrepresented her whole professional life as a lawyer." or something like that. Feel free to write your own letter. Just do it as soon as possible so that these letters reach the Bureau of Prisons before they make a move in another direction.

Letters should be addressed to:
Harley Lappin, Director
Federal Bureau of Prisons
320 First Street NW
Washington, DC 20534-0002

Folks can also call the Bureau of Prisons, 202 307-3198. Of the possible offices to call, the Office of General Counsel (press #3) seems the most appropriate. Leave a message asking for Lynne to be sent to Danbury and explain why. The most important thing is for the Bureau to know we're watching them, that there is great interest in Lynne's case and assignment. Gerardo Hernandez of the Cuban 5 just got out of the "hole" through such pressure.

In the struggle for justice! Free Lynne Stewart and All Political Prisoners!

Ralph Poynter and Friends of Lynne Stewart"

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