Sunday, April 24, 2005

Beginning of a Story

On the North end of Chelsea, out on the softer, more genteel side of the district-where the buildings had stone faces with sharp edges to them, there was a complex-- one Rivard Skyrise- which housed young, fairly affluent college students that can best be described as liberated and possessed with the fever of such freedom that oftentimes priests who lived nearby would comment that there abandon reflected the possession of the devil. The most notorious testament to this was the nightly shuttle bus that transported the young kids from the safety behind the gates of Rivard to the bustling night metropolis with its glaring red lights and blue haze mixed with the totalilty of black. On this bus, on the journey up the black asphalt streets to the nightclubs and loud music,it was renowned to be a journey of extasy and loose ends flowing freely, of wild and deep explorations into the carnal. It was a place where a girl wearing a blue and black polka-dot blouse could fornicate using a long string of black pearls that extended down to the floor. The bus was a place of sexual freedom and exploration, by kids who were not dumb, but who held certain political beliefs--who were young radicals and activists..that smoked pot and lifted things from expensive stores...and constantly smashed the statues of hero soldiers on campus in protest.....

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