Sunday, November 16, 2008

Interesting Similarities Between Whiteness and Jewishness

There are some(actually there are many) who would like to reduce Jewish identity down to an idea of "choice of religion" and eliminate all ethnic and blood ties there within. Alas, this approach to Jewish identity, as I am just now thinking of it, is quite similar to the reality of what whiteness is. While some would like to have one think that you can point back to "whiteland" and find more and more "great white fathers," alas, whiteness is a concept that in its truthful existence allows for nothing more than a claim to legitimacy in the western culture that we live in. As more and more groups of people have moved into this "whiteness," this should become clearer, however the effort to obfuscate has only become more clever in its machinations. Think about this seriously and see how it affects the way you view the world.

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