Sunday, November 16, 2008

An Open Letter to President Cordova of Purdue University Regarding a Recent Racist Incident

Dear President Cordova,

I was very estatic to see you arrive at Purdue. I thought it was a great change for the Purdue Community,one which would ignite the process of turning Purdue into a progressive entity--and begin a series of correctives to problems that have festered at Purdue for a very long time. As you are quite well aware, racism--and particularly racism towards African Americans is prevalent in this community. There is a need for a cleansing of attitudes at Purdue. Rooted in the culture and environment of Indiana, especially in the vicinity of Purdue, there is a deep hatred and disdain for Blacks.

The original whites who populated this region of Indiana were poor whites who came from the south looking for work. They resented Blacks for eliminating possible employment in the agricultural industry. They hated the institution of slavery for the same reason. It is this foundation that poisons the climate towards Blacks at Purdue and that gives Purdue such a negative reputation where race and racism is concerned. I would hope that you, as a woman of color, would take an active role in combating the intolerable forces of bigotry and racism that are at play in the Purdue Community. It must end if Purdue is to continue to thrive.

Thanks for your time. I look forward to your long and brilliant career as President of Purdue University.

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