Thursday, November 06, 2008

Poem For Us

Yesterday was for Katrina
Yesterday was for the victims of George Bush's torture
Yesterday was for the students and warriors who were beaten in Selma and died because they loved us
Yesterday was for Fannie Lou Hamer.
Yesterday was for the Triangle Shirtwaist factory workers who jumped to their deaths at the behest of capitalism.
Yesterday was for my forefathers who constantly heard "no" "nevermind" and "stay back."
Yesterday was for the cotton plowed and the shanty shacks and the Hoovervilles and tenements.
Yesterday was for the children who ate lead and fell down through iron shafts to their deaths while ten thousand people crowded for shelter in one building in utter poverty.
Yesterday was for those who couldn't read and struggled and died to make sure their children could.
Yesterday was for the promise and vision that runs through our blood and that has now blossomed into a beautiful flower.
Sunlight and peace and joy and enthusiasm for life forever may rain down on us living striving constantly moving and working for a better tomorrow.

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