Thursday, November 06, 2008

Question I Pondered in a Forum

I think this is great analysis. Alas, I don't think it should be passed up lightly that two of the three states named, North Carolina and Virginia, historically have been known for their large and sometimes distinguished mulatto populations--from the antebellum period onward. There is something to think about the coalitions that put President Obama in the White House. This does raise new old theoretical premises on race was that the Afro-American population ( Blacks descended from American slaves--but then also Blacks from other heritages as well are gathered in that equation) are the bastard children of the white male power structure--and have been perpetually been seated at the end of the table. Does Obama's win mean that the White Male Power structure has crumbled? Has the bastard child--as in King Lear-overthrown so called legitimate power and established a new order? These are questions I think are grave and should seriously be pondered.

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