Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Harsh Beauty

I saw this documentary, which followed the lives of three eunuchs living in modern day India, on the Documentary Channel last night and I was quite intrigued. The entire concept of eunuchism is something very queer and one that has roots into the origins of humanity. While wathcing this documentary, I came to the realization that this history, that of the presence of eunuchs within societies-is one that has existed in societies ranging from Europe to China and one that has been practiced up until the 19th century ( and perhaps even later). It is truly fascinating what people will think up when left to their own devices. The most famous eunuch I have ever heard of was the Italian singer, Farinelli the famous 18th century castrato who's life was made into a film bearing his name. Wikipedia says that the last Eunuch present at the Vatican died in 1922. What intrigue. Definitely food for thought.

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