Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This Month's O Magazine

I want to rave some more about this month's O magazine. I just finished reading it-I never read the magazine all at once--and I go to what I really want to read first most times. So, I just finished reading O's magnificent essay on the fluidity of sexuality, She's So Fine! which I thought was very well done. I personally subsribe to Helene Cixous' theory that everyone is bisexual to various degrees. My own experiences with sex, gender, and sexuality have allowed me to come to this revelation. Sexuality is fluid-and people can bend. Now that said, I do say that it is in degrees. I think people have their preferences shaped and formed by the cultures and social settings that they come out of and those percieved choices(which oftentimes are just cultural imprints upon one's psyche and person) are hard to break. However, broken they can be. I can not tell you and you most probably couldn't imagine how many straight men I have found to be not so straight-or have personally recruited for the other team.I could, should, and probably will right a book. Men are easy-married, not married, doesn't matter. With enough lubrication, I believe any man can move from strict heterosexuality into queer. I wonder, and think that its probably the same for women. I myself have found women attractive and have even found myself flirting (on one particular occassion). However, I don't ever see myself becoming sexually or romantically involved with a woman. I found O's profiles of the lesbian couples in the article(with at least one previously straight partner) intriguing. Each of these couples tackle such issues as hierarchies within relationships(which mainstream society won't even acknowledge as existing nowadays) and the politics of being a lesbian couple in today's society. The article also does an interesting introspection of Jackie Warner of Bravo (you know that I am not a lesbian or the least bit hetero because I have never even feigned to watch that show lol). Perhaps each gender is supsceptible to it's own. Sexuality and gender roles are fascinating stuff. The study of identity and the politics of attraction are definitely fields that have not yet and probably never will be fully mined.

"Our Visions Begin With Our Desires"-Audre Lorde

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Kristopher said...

Very much on point Brandon, went and found the article. So glad that this kind of thing is being discusssed more out in the open. Only through discussion can we gain understanding.