Friday, January 18, 2008

Twelfth Radical Progressive Carnival

It has been a long while since the last edition of the Radical Progressive Carnival. Here, without further ado, is the twelfth edition of the RPC. There are several entries for this edition, with some random and interesting topics running throughout the posts.Adventures in Daily Living and Beno Varghese strongly advocate for Ron Paul as president of the United States. Suzanne of Daily Living urges readers to listen to a video of Ron Paul castigating the conservative guard for their policies on preemptive war and for the injustice of the way in which our current system is structured--with corporate ownership of the government--which is of course fascism.Meanwhile, Philaahzophy makes the case why anarchsists should vote for Ron Paul.

Blogfabulous, a new contributor, offers up a fabulous and hilarious assessment on the the politics of underwear and her eureka moment in having found the joy, pleasure, and liberation of wearing men's underwear as opposed to the problematic world of women's underwear-in searching for fit, ride-up-ability(or lack their of), and comfort.

Next, Phil for Humanity makes an interesting connection between the knights of medeival lore and their modern-day counterparts-mercenaries--ala Blackwater. Very intriguing connections there... In a later post, Phil argues for the eradication of governments led by charismatic leaders such as monarchs, tyrants, and religious zealots.

On a somewhat related theme, Menstrual poetry relates to us the twisted right-wing concepts of the purity and integrity balls which teach young women that they should be "pure" for their husbands on their wedding nights and teach young men to honor and value the "purity" of chaste women. Thanks Menstrual Poetry for keeping an eye on these topics so that others of us don't have to tread down those paths...

Innovation Politics proposes a new system of governing in which the populous will not just simply vote for candidates for office, but will vote on
every policy issue that arises, thereby holistically shaping party platforms as well as the public agenda. That is a lot of voting, but it would be interesting to see how that would work out.

Afro-Presencia informs us of the sponsored trips to Ecuador started by soccer player Ulises Hernan de la Cruz. The purpose of these trips is to promote the Afro-Ecuadoran community, particularly in the history and legacy of the town of Piquiucho.

Consequences of Republicanism, who is backing Kucinich, calls for a worldwide boycott of American goods due to the U.S.'s failure to act on environmental issues. On a similar note,The Frugal Tree Hugger offers us an environmental piece, filled with terms that I must say I don't understand.

Greg Laden bemoans and lambasts the religious right for their recent criticism of Richard Dawkins, who apparently sang some Christmas carols, even though he is an athiests. He powerfuly makes the case that people of all backgrounds, beliefs, and traditions can congregate, bake bread, and have community. Laden also weighs in on the debate concerning Creationism vs. Evolution.

Turning to pop culture, Dominate Your Life weighs in on the recent controversy surrounding Will Smith in which zionists organizations such as the ADL tried to portray him as being an admirer of hitler. Meanwhile,Samuel Bryson of Total Well-being urges the masses to take up pedaling or cycling as an environmentally friendly mode of travel.Finally, we have David Ortez arguing for making music piracy and downloading legal.

Lastly, I will offer my analysis of the contention between the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, in which I point to the historical pattern in the United States of Black men existing higher on the totem pole than white women and that history is on the side of Barack Obama becoming the next president of the United States. This has also been espoused(at a later date I might add) by such bigwigs as Gloria Steinem in her article on the election which appeared in the New York Times.

I hope you find the offerings for this edition of the carnival enjoyable, informative, and stimulating. Cheers!


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