Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Julian Bond, John Conyers, and Melvin Watts all made very bold and powerful comments at Rosa Parks' funeral today. I was quite warmly surprised when Julian Bond invoked the name of Robert Williams and Radio Free Dixie. He also made reference to Eldridge Cleaver. Go Julian. God Bless all who spoke.


Ben G. said...

Yeah, despite the relatively moderate reputation of the NAACP, Bond is still quite radical and is willing to be so in public. Which has something to do with why the IRS is going after the NAACP for the content of one of his speeches from summer of 04, saying it crossed the line for a tax-exempt, non-partisan organization.

Of the Movement people who have become established in prominent, well paying jobs, he stands out as someone who has maintained a great deal of integrity and is respected among the folks who have remained at the grassroots and are not famous.

Where did you catch the speeches? On TV? If you caught them on line and have link, let me know. I don't have a TV.

Ben G. said...

by the way do you know the Nina Simone/Langston Hughes song/poem Backlash Blues and the tie in to Robert Williams?

Brandon said...

IT was actually on CSPAN-- at the DC memorial service for Rosa Parks. IT should be on their website.